Security Programs will not be able to keep up with Threats for 2017 Source:

Quick Facts- Survey • 90%+ of IT security professionals said that connected devices will be a major security issue this year • 66% aren’t sure how many devices are in their environment • 84% admitted, “Mirai” malware changed their perception about threats • 65% said they either haven’t or don’t know how to check for “Mirai” malware

Information Technology Sector

February 14, Yahoo is accused of failing to cooperate- largest data breaches in history. 1st announced in 9/2016, the 1st breach occurred in 2013, placed Yahoo at the top of the largest data breaches in history & is expanded to 1 billion accounts as of 12/2016.

February 14, Windows 10 Mobile Security Bug Allows Hackers to Bypass Passcode. Windows 10 Mobile allows anyone to bypass security codes on devices running production or preview builds as part of Windows Insider program, and uses a few simple steps providing access to photos.


February 13, US University’s Malware Attack included Vending Machines.  The unnamed university’s story was published in the 2017 Data Breach Digest, describing the impact as bringing the network

“to a crawl” and found the servers were buckling, finding 5,000+ devices infected with malware. "Short of replacing every soda machine and lamp post, I was at a loss for how to remediate the situation," per the University IT administrator.