Vendor Forms


New Vendor Interest Application

Vendors who are interested in becoming MiCTA Vendors can fill out the application below. 
When MiCTA releases an RFP, all vendors in waiting will be notified via email that there is an RFP on the street and a link to click on for detailed information.  It will be up to the Vendor to decide if the RFP fits with their line of business.  But all will be notified.  Having said that if your email address changes you will need to let us know, as we will be sending the notification to the email you have submitted.  Same holds true, if someone leaves your company please update the contact person and the email address. 

Steps to becoming a MiCTA Vendor:

  • Submit a New Vendor Interest Application
  • Respond to an RFP
  • Complete the RFP process
  • Be Recommend by the RFP Committee
  • Approved by the MiCTA Board
  • Complete Contract Negotiations
  • Signed Contract equals a MiCTA Vendor
Note: Filling out the New Vendor Interest Application does not make you a MiCTA Vendor. You are only added to our contact list for future RFP/RFO's. To become a MiCTA Vendor your product(s) will need to have gone through the steps above.


PDF - New Vendor Interest Application -  click here

Vendor - Update Information Form

PDF - Update Information Form - click here