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Mike Newcomb
Juniper Enterprise Vertical Team, Higher Education and State/Local Government West
M: 618.541.0428

Gavin Lee
State and Local Government, Education/SLED Business Development
M: 404.307.6650



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Juniper’s AI-Enabled Campus is a comprehensive reference architecture that allows colleges, universities, and research institutions to build secure, high-performance digital learning and research networks.

To minimize complexity and cost, the network must be able to focus on the experience of the end user first. AI and machine learning must be infused from the access edge as well as to switches, routers, data center, and security devices. Juniper is the leader in providing a cloud-enabled, end-to-end AI and machine learning engine focused on delivering the best user experience.



Case Studies:


Ashland School District

Coppell Independent School District

Wadsworth City Schools  


Higher Education

Dartmouth College

The College of William and Mary

University of Cyprus

The University of Texas at Arlington