MiCTA TISA 2019 RFP Questions and Concerns

This is a continually updated list of questions and concerns about the TISA 2019 RFP process and responses. If your question is not posted on this list, please send your question(s) to rfp@mictatech.org.

Q: On Page 13, Section 3.8, the RFP states “Do not combine questions or your responses to questions. Answer each question individually as requested.” and that “Any failure to follow the response requirements may result in disqualification of the vendor’s response.” If a vendor elects to respond to a specific section of the RFP (for example: Section 9), must the vendor respond to every question within that section to be in compliance with the RFP? If any particular question within a section is outside the range of a vendor’s services, is a response stating such acceptable to fulfill the response requirement or would this result in being declared non-responsive?

A: If there is a question in a section that your organization can’t answer, you can simply state that your organization does not provide those services. The committee responsible for scoring the responses may subtract the points from the question(s) that do not have an answer from your total score (example: leaving a question blank on an exam).

Q: Aside from our completion of the Intent to Bid Form are there any additional administrative items(assuming we are a new vendor responding to MiCTA RFP’s) that you require from us before we can submit response?

A: We only require potential vendors to send this form in. Please note that the written questions deadline for this RFP is June 29th

Q: Can MiCTA confirm if they are looking for a firm that is capable of responding to a majority of the sections of the RFP and performing most or all of the services requested? Or, if a firm only applies for one or two sections, are they still able to qualify for those specific areas? In particular, if a firm applies for two sections, are the scores based off only their response to those two sections with no points assessed/removed for not responding to other service areas?

A: MiCTA is looking for vendors to respond to any sections of the RFP with the end goal of having at least one vendor for every section. However, if there is a vendor that is interested in responding but can only respond to one or two sections, that wouldn’t be an issue. If a vendor were to respond to two sections only, your total score would be based on those sections only. Here’s an example that best illustrates this: a professor gives you an exam and says you only have to answer four out of the five essays. Your test score is only going to be based on the four essays you completed. The fifth essay wouldn’t be held against you.

Q: Our current Fiber MSA does not expire until 2020. How would you like me to proceed? Should I go ahead and respond with fiber also?

A: We will be doing a separate one for FBOS sometime next year (probably around this same time).

Q: Per section 8.7.4, “A copy of the signed participation agreement with the MiCTA member,” can you please tell me where to locate the referred participation agreement?

A: The member participation agreement is found in Section 20 Attachment C (page 98). Please note that this is merely an example of what our members will be looking for when doing business with an approved vendor. 

Q: Can you please confirm that we still need to provide a signed copy with the RFP response?

A: That’s correct.

Q: 8.2 Program Marketing and Sales – Should this section have a Response Indicator at the end of the section? Where would MICTA like to see the response to this section?

A: Yes. The response should be between lines 714 and 715.

Q: Will the MSA be fully negotiated upon award or by the submission due date?

A: The MSA will be negotiated upon award.

Q:What sections of the response do Attachments B, C and D reference?

A: Those attachments are included in the sample MSA (section 20) this is simply an example to show what members may be asking for when working with a MiCTA vendor.

Q:Regarding the format of the response, does MiCTA want the proposal organized as outlined in Section 3.8: Your bound responses must be submitted in the following format: • Cover Letter/Letter of Transmittal, manually signed as described in the following section. • Executive Summary as described in Executive Summary Requirements. • Corporate Overview. • Technical Response. • Cost Proposal, placed in a sealed envelope marked COST PROPOSAL. Include printed copies of all schedules, spreadsheets and other requested cost information. • Vendor Profile. • Attachments. Must be clearly labeled with the pertinent section/question number. • Audited financial statements (may be submitted under separate binding). Or should the response be solely edited in-line the document beginning in the response Section 8?

A:The responses to each section may be in-line after each section (where it says response). We’d prefer this system so that it’s easier to evaluating without flipping back and forth as much.

Q: Can I cut the TOC and instructions out of this document up to section Where the transmittal letter begins the response at line number 648, without disrupting your special formatting of responses?

A:That would be fine as long as you make reference to what section you’re responding to.

Q: Our 3 years of annual reports will be over 400 pages in addition to the response. May we supply you with the link for those reports and/or supply them upon award.

A:Because of the size, we will accept a link.

Q: How would you like us to present pricing for your group, as the HSD e-rate pricing should not be available or published to all members- only e-rate eligible members. We could supply 2 separate pricing sheets for HSD and include in the attachment section. Thoughts?

A: We will accept that approach. Please submit those separate sheets.

Q: Vendor Profile, section 18 – C. Revenue As Percent of Sales: Are you seeking data for the company or for the e-rate program?

A: We would need the percent of sale for the entire company.

Q: Will third-party CPA-reviewed Financials be accepted in lieu of audited financials?

A: Yes

Q:If we are proposing section Voice Over IP services in section 10 only, will the requirements under Telecommunications Services in section 9 still apply to us?


Q:Considering that the location of any given client will not be known at this time and jurisdictional local or state surcharges, taxes and fees such as sales tax are subject to change, is it safe to assume that the cost proposal will be excluding any of the taxes mentioned above?


Q:Is a percentage discount off standard list price for products and services acceptable in the pricing response for the RFP?


Q:If promotional or volume discounting at the product level is available and it exceeds the standard MiCTA discount can it be offered to customers under the contract?


Q:Will the contract allow for Individual Case Pricing in custom solution offerings?


Q:We would like to request a 2-week extension on the RFP response due date, would that be acceptable?

A:August 1st

Q:Can a website link be referenced for product SLAs or do they all need to be attached to the response?


Q:Based on network availability can products / services be offered at a regional level to provide best value pricing?


Q:In Sect 15 Towers: Please explain definition of towers [what type of towers]?

A:MiCTA is seeking Towers commonly used for wireless telecommunications including Lattice towers, GUYED towers, Monopole towers, camouflage towers, self-support towers, and mobile cell towers. Vendors may respond with one or all of the tower types.

Q:What are the service terms of E-Rate 470s? Many schools do not sign 5 year agreements.

A:The service terms for the for the E-Rate 470 process are directly related to the service term(s) the MiCTA K-12/Library member agrees to under the Member Participation Agreement.

Q:Can vendor provide promotions during various periods of contract?


Q:In the case of Emerging Tech solutions will MiCTA relax the requirements for referenceable projects given the fact that many of the solutions may have very recently been commercially released?

A: The MiCTA MSA can be amended as a way of managing referenceable projects.

Q:How do you use the security devices? What are the devices model numbers?

A:This is up to the vendor to propose solutions that would be useful to government, education, healthcare, and other non-profits. The vendor may specify devices and model numbers if they choose.