Primary & Secondary Education by State (MA - NY)

Organizations listed here are eligible to purchase off the MiCTA contracts. Membership to purchase off MiCTA contracts is required. Members highlighted in blue are "active" members.


Maine School Administrative District #60


4-J School
54th Street Academy
A.C.E. High School
A.G.B.U. Alex and Marie Manoogian School
A. Phillip Randolph Technical High School
Abbot Middle School
Aberdeen K-8 School
AC Edgerton Elementary
Academic Center of Excellence 
Academy of Arts and Sciences
Academy of Detroit West
Academy of Flint
Academy of Inkster
Academy of Lathrup Village
Academy of Oak Park
Academy of Southfield
Academy of the Americas
Academy of the Americas High School
Academy of Westland
Academy West
Accelerated Learning Academy
Access Academy
Ada Christian School
Ada Elementary School
Ada Vista Elementary School
Adams Elementary - Zeeland
Adams School 
Adams Township School District
Adams Upper Elementary School - Westland
Addams Early Childhood Center
Addams Elementary School - Royal Oak
Addams Elementary School - Westland
Addison Community Schools
Addison High School
Addison Middle School
Adler Elementary School
Adrian Public Schools
Advanced Hope Academy
Advanced Technology Academy
Airport Community Schools
Airport High School
Airport Virtual Academy
Akiva Hebrew Day School
Akron - Fairgrove Elementary School
Akron - Fairgrove High School
Akron - Fairgrove Schools
Alanson Elementary School
Alanson High School
Alanson Middle School
Alanson Public Schools
Alba Public School
Albion Public Schools
Alcona Community Schools
Alcott Elementary School
Alger Middle School
Alger Middle Pl School
Algonac Community Schools
All Saints Academy - Grand Rapids
All Saints Academy - Ironwood
All Saints Catholic School - Alpena
All Saints Central High School Bay City
All Saints Catholic School-Canton
Allegan Area ESA   
Allegan Public Schools
Allen Elementary School
Allen Park Public Schools
Allen Park Community School
Allen Park High School
Allen Park Middle School
Allen Park School District
Allendale Christian School
Allendale Elementary School
Allendale High School
Allendale Middle School
Allendale Public Schools
Alma Public Schools
Almont Community Schools
Alpena Public School District
Alpena-Montmorency-Alcona ESD
Alpine Elementary 
Alternative Education Center
Alto Elementary School
Alward Elementary 
Amerman Elementary 
AnchorPoint Christian School
Anderson Elementary
Anderson Middle School
Anderson High School
Andersonville Elementary School
Andrew G Schmidt Middle School
Angell Elementary School
Ann Arbor Academy
Ann Arbor Christian School
Ann Arbor Public Schools
Ann Arbor Trail Magnet School
Ann. J. Kellogg Elementary School
Ann Visger Preparatory Academy
Annapolis High School
Appleview Elementary
Arbor Academy
Arborwood Elementary School
Archdioceses of Detroit
Arenac Eastern Schools
Argentine Elementary
Arlington Traditional Elementary School
Armada Area Schools
Arno Elementary School
Arrowwood Elementary
Arthur Eddy Elementary School
Arthur Hill High School
Arvon Township School District
Ascent High School
Asher Alternative High School
Ashley Community Schools -  
Assumption of the BVM School
Athens Area Schools
Athens High School
Athens Jr./Sr. High School
Atherton Community Schools
Atherton Elementary School
Atherton JR/SR High School
Arthur Middleton Elementary School
Atlanta Community Schools
Atonement Elementary - Dearborn
Atonement Lutheran School
Attwood Middle School
Au Gres - Sims School District
Auburn Area Catholic School
Auburn Elementary - Auburn Hills
AuGres-Sims School District
Austin Catholic Academy
Autrain-Onota Public Schools
Averill Spanish Immersion School
Avondale Academy
Avondale High School
Avondale Middle School
Avondale School District
Avondale Schools
Avondale Virtual School
Bad Axe Elementary School
Bad Axe High School
Bad Axe Middle School
Bad Axe Public Schools
Bagley Elementary School
Bailey Lake Elementary School
Baker Middle School
Baldwin Community School District 
Baldwin Elementary School
Baldwin Elementary School - Rochester
Baldwin Heights Elementary School
Baldwin Junior High School
Baldwin Senior High School
Baldwin Street Middle
Bangor High School
Bangor Middle School
Bangor Public Schools  
Bangor Township School District
Bangor Township School District 8
Bangor Township Schools
Bangor Township Virtual School
Banks, Diann Williamson Center
Baraga Area Schools
Barhitte Elementary School
Bark River-Harris Elementary School
Bark River-Harris Middle/High School
Bark River - Harris School District
Barnard Elementary School
Barnes Early Childhood Center
Barry County Christian School
Barryton Elementary School
Barth Elementary 
Bartlett Elementary
Baseline Middle School
Bates Elementary 
Bath Community Schools  
Bath Elementary School
Bath High School
Bath Middle School
Battle Creek Academy
Battle Creek Adult Ed
Battle Creek Alternative Education Programs
Battle Creek Area Catholic Schools
Battle Creek Area Math + Science Center
Battle Creek Central High School
Battle Creek Christian School
Battle Creek Elementary School
Battle Creek Middle School
Battle Creek Public Schools
Bauer Elementary 
Bay Area Catholic Schools
Bay City Public Schools
Bay - Arenac ISD  
Beach Elementary School
Beacon Elementary 
Beacon Tree Elementary School
Beadle Lake Elementary School
Beal City Public Schools
Bear Lake Elementary School
Bear Lake Middle/High School
Bear Lake Schools  
Bearcat Success Academy
Beard Elementary
Beaumont Elementary School
Beaver Island Community Schools     
Beaverdam Christian School
Beaverton Rural Schools
Beck Centennial Elementary School
Beck Student Services 
Becker Elementary School
Bedford Elementary 
Bedford High
Bedford Junior High
Bedford Public Schools
Beech Elementary 
Beecher Adult/Alternative Education Center
Beecher Community School District
Beecher Middle/High School
Beechnau Elementary School
Beechview Elementary School
Belding Area Schools
Bellaire Middle/High School
Bellaire Public Schools
Belleville High School
Bellevue Community Schools  
Bellevue Elementary School
Bellevue High School
Belmont Elementary School - Belmont
Bemis Elementary School
Bemis Junior High School
Bendle High School
Bendle Middle School
Bendle Public Schools
Benedictine High School
Benjamin Stoddert Middle School
Bentheim Elementary School
Bentley Community Schools
Bentley Elementary School
Bentley High School
Bentley Middle School
Benton Harbor Area Schools
Bennett Elementary School
Bennie Elementary 
Bentley Elementary School
Benzie Central High School
Benzie Central Middle School
Benzie County Schools
Berkley High School
Berkley School District
Berkshire Middle School
Berlin Township School District
Berrien County ISD    
Berrien Springs Public Schools
Berry Elementary School
Bertha Neal Elementary School
Beth Haven Christian School
Bethany Christian School
Bethany/St. John's Evangelical Lutheran School
Bethany Elementary - Detroit
Bethany Lutheran School
Bethlehem Lutheran School 
Bethlehem Elementary - Saginaw
Betsie Valley Elementary School
Beverly Elementary School
Big Bay de Noc Schools
Big Burning School
Big Jackson Public Schools
Big Rapids High School
Big Rapids Middle School
Big Rapids Public Schools
Big Rapids Virtual School
Big Rock Elementary School
Bingham Farms Elementary School
Birch Street Elementary 
Birch Run Area School District
Bird Elementary School
Birmingham Covington School
Birmingham Public School District
Birney K-8 School
Bishop Baraga Catholic School (DACS)
Bishop Baraga Catholic School
Bishop Foley Catholic High School
Bishop Gallagher High School
Bishop Kelley Catholic School
Black River Public School
Blackbird Elementary School
Blackwell Institute
Blair Elementary School
Blair Moody Elementary 
Blanchard Christian Academy
Blanche Sims Elementary School
Blandford Middle School
Blessed Sacrament Catholic School
Blissfield Community Schools
Bloomfield Hills High School
Bloomfield Hills Middle School
Bloomfield Hills Schools
Bloomfield Township School District
Bloomingdale Elementary School
Bloomingdale Middle/High School
Bloomingdale Public Schools
Blue Star Elementary School
Bobcean Elementary
Bois Blanc Pines School District
Bond Hill Academy 
Borculo Christian School
Botsford Elementary School
Boulan Park Middle School
Bow Elementary-Middle School
Bowen Elementary School
Bowers Academy
Boyd W. Arthurs Middle School
Boyne City Elementary School
Boyne City High School
Boyne City Middle School
Boyne City Public Schools
Boyne Falls Public School
Brace-Lederle K-8
Branch Intermediate School District
Brandon High School 
Brandon Middle School
Brandon School District
Brandon Virtual School 
Brandywine Public Schools
Breckenridge Community Schools
Breithaupt Career and Technical Center
Brenda Scott Academy
Brendel Elementary School
Breton Downs Elementary School
Brethren Middle/High School
Brewer Academy
Brewster Elementary School
Bridgeport - Spaulding Community School District
Bridgeport Baptist Academy
Bridgeport High School - Bridgeport
Bridgman Public Schools
Brighton Area Schools
Brimley Area Schools
Britton - Macon Area Schools
Brockway Christian Academy
Bronson Community Schools
Brooklands Elementary School
Brooks Elementary - White Lake
Brookside Elementary School
Brookwood Elementary School
Brother Rice Catholic High School
Brown City Community Schools
Brown Elementary 
Brown Elementary School
Brown, Ronald Academy
Brownell K-2 STEM Academy
Brownell Elementary School
Brownell Middle School
Browning Elementary School
Brownstown Middle School
Brummer Elementary School
Bryant Elementary School
Bryant Middle School
Bryon Center Christian School
Buchanan Elementary - Livonia
Buchanan Elementary School
Buchanan Community Schools
Buckley Community Schools
Buena Vista Schools
Buffalo Ridge Elementary School
Bullock Creek School District
Bunche Preparatory Academy
Bunche, Ralph J (Pre K-3)
Burger Baylor School
Burns Elementary
Burr Elementary School
Burr Oak Community Schools
Burton Elementary School
Burton International Academy
Burton Middle School
Burt Township Schools
Bushnell Elementary School
Byron Area Schools
Byron Center Christian School
Byron Center High School
Byron Center Public Schools
Byron Center West Middle School
Byron Elementary School
Byron High School
Byron Middle School
CA Frost Environmental Science Academy
C.O.O.R. ISD  
C. Paul Barnhart Elementary School
Cabrini Catholic Schools
Cabrini Elementary and Middle School
Cabrini High School
Cadillac Area Public Schools
Caledonia Community Schools
Caledonia Elementary School
Caledonia High School
Calhoun Christian School
Calhoun ISD  
Calvary Christian Schools 
Calvary Schools of Holland
Calvary Lutheran School
Calvin Christian Schools
Calvin Coolidge Intermediate School
Cambridge High School
Camden - Frontier Schools
Cameron Elementary School
Campbell County High School
Campbell County Virtual School
Campbell Elementary School
Campus Elementary School
Cannonsburg Elementary
Canton Charter Academy
Canton High School
Capac Community Schools
Capital Area Academy
Cardinal Elementary School
Cardinal Mooney Catholic College Prep.
Cardington-Lincoln Elementary and Intermediate School
Cardington-Lincoln Junior and Senior High School
Carleton Elementary School
Carlson High 
Carman - Ainsworth Community Schools
Carman-Ainsworth High School
Carman-Ainsworth Middle School
Caro Community Schools
Caro High School
Caro Middle School
Carpenter Road Elementary School
Carpenter Year Round Elementary School
Carney - Nadeau Public Schools     
Caro Alternative High School
Caro Community Schools
Caro High School
Carr Elementary 
Carrollton Elementary School
Carrollton High School
Carrollton Middle School
Carrollton Public Schools
Carson, Benjamin High School for Science and Medicine
Carson City - Crystal Area Schools
Carson City - Crystal High School
Carson City - Crystal Lower Elementary
Carson City - Crystal Upper Elementary / Middle School
Carson City Elementary School
Carstens Academy of Aquatic Science at Remus
Carver STEM Academy
Caseville Public School
Casman Alternative Academy 
Cass City Elementary School
Cass City Jr./Sr. High School
Cass City Public Schools  
Cass Elementary 
Cass Technical High School
Cassopolis Public Schools 
Catholic Central High School
Catholic Central High School - Lansing
Catholic Diocese of Grand Rapids
Cavanaugh STEAM
Cedar Crest Elementary School
Cedar Lake SDA Elementary
Cedar Springs Middle School
Cedar Springs High School
Cedar Springs Public Schools  
Cedar Trails Elementary School
Cedar View Elementary School
Centennial Middle School
Center Academy
Center for Economicology
Center Line Public Schools
Centerville Public Schools  
Central Academy
Central Elementary 
Central Elementary - Davison
Central Elementary - Grandville
Central Elementary - Linden
Central Elementary - Petoskey 
Central Elementary - Vassar
Central Elementary School
Central Elementary School - Flushing 
Central Elementary School - Mason
Central Grade School
Central High School
Central Lake Elementary School
Central Lake Middle/High School
Central Lake Public Schools
Central Middle School
Central Montcalm Elementary
Central Montcalm High School
Central Montcalm Middle School
Central Montcalm Public School 
Central Montcalm Upper Elementary
Central Woodlands 5/6 School
Century Park Learning Center
Cesar E. Chavez Elementary School
Challenger Elementary School
Chandler Park Academy Elementary
Chandler Park Academy Ms/HS
Charlevoix Elementary School
Charlevoix Middle/High School
Charlevoix Montessori Academy for the Arts
Charlevoix Public Schools  
Charlevoix - Emmet ISD     
Charlevoix Public Schools
Charlotte Public Schools
Chapman Elementary 
Chassell Township Schools
Cheboygan Area Schools 
Cheboygan-Otsego-Presque Isle ISD
Cherry Creek Elementary School
Cherry Hill School of Performing Arts
Cherry Knoll Elementary School
Cherry Street Intermediate 
Cherryland Middle School
Chesaning High School
Chesaning Middle School
Chesaning Union Schools
Chester Miller Elementary School 
Children's Village School
Chippewa Hills High School
Chippewa Hills Intermediate School
Chippewa Hills Mosaic School
Chippewa Hills School District
Chippewa Valley School
Chittenden Education Center
Christa McAuliffe Middle School
Christ Elementary - Stevensville
Christ Evangelical Lutheran School
Christ for Kid's Child Care
Christ Lutheran Preschool
Christ Lutheran School
Christ Lutheran School - Stevensville
Christ our Savior Early Childhood
Christ Our Savior Early Childhood Center
Christ Our Savior Elementary - Hartland
Christ Our Savior Elementary - Livonia
Christ Preschool - Marshall
Christ Preschool - White Cloud
Christ the Good Shepherd Elementary - Canton
Christ the Good Shepherd Preschool
Christ the Good Shepherd Preschool - Canton
Christ the Good Shepherd School
Christ the Kid's Child Care
Christ the King Elementary - Southgate
Christ the King Preschool - Grosse Pointe Woods
Christ the King Preschool - Ishpeming
Christ the King Preschool - Lambertville
Christ the King Catholic School
Chris The King Lutheran School
Churchill Elementary School
Church School    
Chrysler Elementary School
Churchill High School
Cimarron Elementary-Middle School
Cimarron High School
City High/Middle School
City of Cedar Rapids (rejoin)
City School Perry Center
Cityside Middle School
Clara Bolen Elementary
Clarence Randall Elementary 
Clarenceville High School
Clarenceville Middle School
Clarenceville School District
Clark, J.E. Preparatory Academy 
Clarkston Community Schools
Clarkston Elementary School
Clarkston High School
Clarkston Junior High School
Clawson High School
Clawson Middle School
Clawson Public Schools
Clear Lake Elementary 
Clemente, Roberto Academy
Cleveland Elementary 
Clifford H. Smart Middle School
Clinton Community Schools
Clinton County R.E.S.A. 
Clintondale Community Schools
Clio Area Schools
Clio High School
Clippert Academy 
Cody - Academy of Public Leadership 
Cody - Detroit Institute of Technology College Prep High School
Cody - Medicine and Community Health Academy
Coit Creative Arts Academy
Coldwater Community Schools
Cole Academy
Coleman Community Schools
Colfax Township School District
Colin Powell Academy
Collins Elementary School
Collins Elementary School - Houghton Lake
Coloma Community Schools  
Colon Community Schools
Columbia School District
Columbiaville Elementary
Commerce Elementary School
Communication & Media Arts HS
Community Baptist Christian School
Comstock Park High School
Comstock Park Public Schools
Comstock Public Schools
Concord Academy Boyne
Concord Academy Petoskey
Concordia Lutheran School
Conestoga Elementary School
Congress Elementary School
Conoma Elementary School
Constantine Schools
Contant Elementary School
Cooley Elementary School
Cook Elementary
Cooke S.T.E.M. Academy
Cooke School
Coolidge Elementary 
Cooper Upper Elementary 
Coopersville Area Public Schools  
Coopersville High School
Coopersville Middle School
Cornerstone Christian Academy
Corpus Christi Catholic School  
Corunna High School
Corunna Middle School
Corunna Public Schools
Costello Elementary School
Cottonwood Elementary School
Country Oaks Elementary 
Countryside Charter School
Countryside Elementary School
Courtade Elementary School
Covenant Christian School
Covenant Schools
Covert Public Schools
Cowden Lake Bible Academy
Crawford AuSable School District  
Crawford School  
Creekside Middle School
Crestwood Accelerated Program
Crestwood Elementary School
Crestwood High School 
Crestwood Middle School
Crestwood School District
Crockett Career and Technical Center
Crooksville High School
Crooksville K-8 Elementary School
Crooksville K-8 Middle School
Croom High 
Cross Country Elementary/Middle School
Cross Creek Charter Academy
Cross Lutheran School
Cross of Christ Christian Preschool
Crossland Evening High
Crossland High 
Crossroads Alternative Education
Crossroads Charter Academy  
Crossroads Middle School
Crossroads School (The)
Crosswell Lexington Schools 
Crystal Lake Elementary 
Cumberland Elementary School
Cummings Elementary - Flint
Cummings Elementary School - Grandville
Curriculum Innovations llc
Custer Elementary Campus
Cutlerville Christian School
Daily Elementary
Dailey Shepherd - Holy Cross Preschool - Jenison
Daly & Throne School
Daly Elementary School
Daisy Brook Elementary School
Daniel Axford Elementary
Daniel of St. Thomas Jefferson Elementary School
Dansville Schools
Davis Aerospace Technical High School at Golightly 
Davis Elementary School
Davis Junior High School
Davisburg Elementary School
Davidson Middle School
Davison Alternative Education
Davison Community Schools
Davison Elementary-Middle School
Davison High School
Davison Middle School
Dearborn Center for Mathematics, Science & Technology 
Dearborn Christian School
Dearborn Heights #7 School District
Dearborn Heights Virtual Academy
Dearborn High School
Dearborn Magnet School
Dearborn School District
Decatur Middle School
Decatur High School
Decatur Public Schools
Deckerville Community Schools
Dedley STEM School
Deerfield Elementary School
Deerfield Public Schools
Defer Elementary School
Deford Christian Academy
DeKeyser Elementary School
DeLaSalle Collegiate
Delta-Schoolcraft ISD      
Delta Kelley Elementary
Delton Kellogg Schools
Denby High School
Derby Middle School
Detour Area Schools
Detroit Catholic Central High School
Detroit Collegiate Preparatory High School at Northwestern
Detroit Community Schools
Detroit Cristo Rey High School  
Detroit Edison Public School Academy
Detroit International Academy for Young Women
Detroit Lions Academy 
Detroit Public Schools 
Detroit School District
Detroit School of Arts
Dewitt Junior High School
Dewitt High School
Dewitt Public Schools
Dexter Community Schools
Dickinson Academy 
Dickinson Area Catholic School
Dickinson East Elementary
Dickinson West Elementary 
Diocese of Grand Rapids
Discovery Elementary School
Discovery Middle School
Divine Child Catholic School District
Divine Child Elementary School
Divine Child High School
Divine Shepherd Preschool
Dixon Educational Learning Academy
Dodson Elementary School
Doherty Elementary School
Dollar Bay - Tamarack City Area Schools
Dolsen Elementary 
Dominican High School & Academy
Donelson Hills Elementary School
Dossin Elementary Middle School
Douglas 3-4 Campus
Douglas Academy for Young Men
Douglas Elementary School
Douglas Road Elementary
Downriver Academy for Young Men 
Downriver Career Tech. Consortium
Downriver High School
Doyle-Ryder Community Elementary
Dr. Gustavus Brown Elementary School
Dr. James Craik Elementary School
Dr. Samuel A. Mudd Elementary School
Dr. Thomas L. Higdon Elementary School
Dresden Elementary School
Drew Transition Center
Dryden Community Schools
Dublin Elementary School
Ducan Elementary School
DuKette Catholic School
Dundee Community Schools
Dundee Elementary School
Dundee Middle School
Dundee High School
Dunkan Lake Middle School
Dunlap Elementary School
Durand Area Schools
Durand High School
Durand Middle School
Durand Online Academy Center
Durant High School
Durant-Tuuri-Mott Community Elementary 
Durfee Elementary-Middle School
Dutton Christian School
Dutton Elementary School
DuVall Elementary School
Dye Elementary
E.E. Knight Elementary School
E.F. Rittmueller Middle School
Eagle Crest Charter Academy
Eagle Lake Elementary School
Eagle Nest Elementary-Middle School
Eagle Scholars Academy 
Ealy Elementary 
Earhart Elementary-Middle School
Early Childhood Center
Early Childhood Program and Education
East Bethleham Elementary - Detroit
East Bethlehem Lutheran School
East Catholic High School
East China School District
East Detroit Public Schools
East Elementary School
East English Village Preparatory Academy
East Grand Rapids High School
East Grand Rapids Middle School
East Grand Rapids Public Schools District
East Grand Rapids Public 
East Hills Middle School
East Jackson Community Schools
East Jordan Elementary School
East Jordan High School
East Jordan Middle School
East Jordan Public Schools
East Kelloggsville Elementary
East Kentwood Freshman Campus 
East Kentwood High School
East Lansing Public Schools
East Leroy Elementary School
East Lee Campus 
East Leonard Elementary School
East Martin Christian Elementary School
East Middle School
East Oakview Elementary
East Olive Elementary
East Rockford Middle School
Eastern Elementary School
Eastern High School
Eastern Middle School
Easton Township School District
Eastover Elementary School
Eastside Vicariate School
Eaton ISD  
Eaton Rapids Public Schools
Eau Claire Public Schools
Ebeling Elementary School
Ebenezer Christian School
Eccles School  
Ecorse High School
Ecorse School District
Edgemont Elementary School
Edgewood Elementary School
Edison Elementary 
Edison Elementary School
Edmonson Elementary 
Edsel Ford High School
Edwardsburg High School
Edwardsburg Intermediate School
Edwardsburg Middle School
Edwardsburg Primary School
Edwardsburg Public Schools     
Edwin R. Weston Elementary
Einstein Elementary
Eisenhower Community Elementary
Eisenhower High School
Elms Road Elementary
Elisabeth Ann Johnson High School
Elk Rapids High School
Elk Rapids Public Schools
Elkton - Pigeon - Bay Port Lakers Schools
Ellington Conservatory of Music & Art at Beckham Academy 
Elliott Elementary 
Ellsworth Community Schools
Ellsworth Elementary
Ellsworth Middle/High School
Elm River Township School District
Elms Elementary School - Flushing
Elms Road Elementary
Elsa Meyer Elementary School
Emerald Elementary School
Emerson Elementary-Middle School
Emerson Elementary School
Emerson Middle School
Emmanuel Elementary - Dearborn
Emmanuel Lutheran School
Emmons Lake Elementary School
Endeavor Charter Academy
Endeavor Elementary School
Engadine Consolidated Schools
Eriksson Elementary School
Ernest W. Seaholm High School
Erving Elementary 
Escanaba Area Public Schools
Escanaba Junior High School
Escanaba Senior High School
Escanaba Upper Elementary School
Ethel Bobcean Elementary School
Essexville - Hampton Public Schools
Eureka Elementary 
Eureka Heights Elementary 
Evart Elementary
Evart High School
Evart Middle School
Evart Public Schools
Eva Turner Elementary School
Everest KAcademy
Everest Collegiate High School & Academy
Everett High School
Evergreen Christian School
Evergreen Elementary - Detroit
Excelsior Township District #1
Explorer Elementary School
Eyler Elementary
Fairview Area Schools
Fairview Public Schools
Fairview STEM
Faith Baptist Academy
Faith Community Christian School
Faith Elementary - Bay City
Faith Lutheran School
Faith Preschool - Bridgeport
Faith Preschool - Grand Blanc
Faith Preschool - Troy
Faith Reformed Christian School
Farmington 5-6 Campus 
Farmington Central High School
Farmington High School
Farmington Intermediate School
Farmington Public Schools
Farrand Elementary School
Farwell Area Schools
Father Gabriel Richard Catholic HS
Father Marquette Catholic Central Schools
Fellowship Baptist Academy
Fennville Public Schools
Fenton Area Public Schools
Fenton Senior High School
Ferndale High School
Ferndale Lower Elementary
Ferndale Middle School
Ferndale Public Schools
Ferndale Summer Academy 
Ferndale Upper Elementary School
Ferry Elementary School
Field Elementary School
Field, Moses School
Fife Lake Elementary School
First Lutheran Preschool
First Preschool
First Steps Kent
Fish Creek School
Fisher Elementary School
Fisher Magnet Lower Academy 
Fisher Magnet Upper Academy 
Fitzgerald Public Schools
Flat River Academy
Flat Rock Community Schools
Flat Rock Community High School
Flat Rock School District 
Fletcher Intermediate
Flickinger Elementary
Flint Community Schools
Flushing Community Schools
Flushing High School
Flushing Middle School
Foote Elementary 
Foothill Oaks Elementary School
Fordline Elementary School
Fordson High School
Foreign Language Immersion and Cultural Studies
Forest Area Community Schools
Forest Area Middle/High School
Forest Elementary School
Forest Grove Elementary  - Hudsonville 
Forest Hills Public Schools  
Forest View Elementary School
Foster Elementary School
Fowler High School 
Fowler Public Schools
Fowlerville Community Schools
Francis Ren Academy
Fr. Gabriel Richard High School
Fr. Marquette Catholic Central School
Fr. Marquette Middle School
Frankenmuth High School
Frankenmuth School District
Frankfort-Elberta Area Schools
Frankfort Elementary School
Frankfort High School
Franklin Elementary School
Franklin High School
Franklin Middle School
Frederick E. Dieck Elementary
Free Soil Community Schools
Freedom Christian Schools
Freeland Community School District
Freeland Elementary School
Freeland High School
Freeland Highland School
Freeland Middle School
Freeman Community Elementary 
Fremont Christian Schools
Fremont Elementary School
Fremont High School
Fremont Middle School
Fremont Public Schools
Fren Persons Elementary School
Freshman Center
Frontier Elementary School
Frost Middle School
Fruitport Community Schools
Fruitport Alternative High School
Fruitport High School
Fruitport Middle School
Fuerstenau Early Childhood Center
Fulton Schools
G.T. Norman Elementary
Gabriel Richard Catholic High School
Gaines Elementary
Gale-Bailey Elementary School
Galesburg/Augusta Community Schools
Galien Township School District
Gallimore Elementary School
Ganges School District No. 4, Glenn
Garden City High School
Garden City Middle School
Garden City School District
Garden Valley Elementary School
Gardner Academy
Gardner Elementary 
Garfield Elementary - Livonia
Garfield Elementary - Wyandotte
Garvey Academy 
Gates Elementary
Gateway North Elementary School
Gaylord Community Schools     
Geer Park Elementary School
General Smallwood Middle School
Genesee ISD  
Genesee Jr/Sr High School
Genesee School District
Genesis Catholic Elementary School
Genesys Regional Medical Center
George A. Lacure Elementary
George R. Carter Middle School
George Washington Carver Academy
Georgetown Elementary - Hudsonville
Gerald R. Ford Academic Center
Gerrish - Higgins School District
Gesu Catholic School
Gesu School
Gethsemane Lutheran School
Gibraltar School District
Gier Park Elementary School
Gill Elementary School
Gladiola Elementary
Gladstone Area Public Schools
Gladstone High School
Gladstone Junior High School
Gladwin Community Schools
Gladys Dillon Elementary
Glen E. Garner Elementary
Glen Lake Community Schools
Glen Lake Elementary School
Glen Lake High School
Glen Lake Middle School
Glengary Elementary School
Glenmor High School
Glenn Public Schools
Glenkirk Elementary School
Glenside Elementary School
Glenwood Elementary School
Gobles Elementary School
Gobles Middle/High School
Gobles Public School District
Gobles Virtual Academy
Godfrey - Lee Public Schools
Godfrey Elementary School
Godwin Heights High School
Godwin Heights Middle School
Godwin Heights Public Schools
Golightly Career and Technical Center
Golightly Education Center
Gompers Elementary - Middle School   
Good Shepherd Early Childhood
Good Shepherd Early Childhood - Saginaw
Good Shepherd Elementary - Saginaw
Good Shepherd Lutheran School
Good Shepherd - St. James Preschool - Montague
Goodrich Area Schools
Goodrich High School
Goodrich Middle School
Goodwillie Environmental School
Grace Elementary - Auburn
Grace Christian School
Grace Lutheran School
Grace Preschool - Wyoming
Graebner Elementary School
Graham Elementary 
Grandport Academy 
Grand Blanc Community Schools
Grand Blanc High School - East Campus
Grand Blanc High School - West Campus
Grand Haven Area Public Schools
Grand Haven Christian School
Grand Haven High School
Grand Haven Public Schools
Grand Ledge Public Schools
Grand Rapids Baptist Schools
Grand Rapids Catholic Secondary Schools
Grand Rapids Child Discovery Center
Grand Rapids Christian Elementary  School - Evergreen
Grand Rapids Christian Elementary School - Iroquouis
Grand Rapids Christian High School
Grand Rapids Christian Middle School
Grand Rapids Christian Schools
Grand Rapids Christian Spanish Immersion
Grand Rapids Learning Center
Grand Rapids Montessori High School
Grand Rapids Montessori School
Grand Rapids Public Schools
Grand Rapids Spanish Immersion
Grand Traverse Academy
Grand Traverse Catholic Schools
Grand View Elementary School
Grandview Elementary School
Grandville Christian School
Grandville High School
Grandville Middle School
Grandville Public Schools
Grant Christian School
Grant Elementary
Grant High School
Grant Middle School
Grant Public Schools
Grant Township School District # 2
Grass Lake Community Schools
Gratiot-Isabella RESD   
Grayling Elementary School
Grayling High School
Grayling Middle School
Grayson Elementary School
Great Lakes Adventist Academy
Great Lakes Elementary School
Great Lakes Online Education
Great Lakes Online Schools
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Jackman Road Elementary 
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John Glenn High
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John Page Middle School
John Paul II Catholic School
Johnson Elementary - Milford
Johnson Upper Elementary 
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Keller Elementary
Kelloggsville Christian School
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Kuehn-Haven Middle School
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Little Lambs Jesus-St Paul Preschool - Albion
Little Lambs Preschool - Washington
Little Lambs-Our Redeemer Preschool - Washington
Little Lights Preschool
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Living Word Lutheran School 
Living Word Preschool - Rochester
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Luke M. Powers Catholic High School
Lumen Christi Catholic School
Luther Preparatory School
Lutheran High School Association
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Lutheran High School Northwest
Lutheran High School South
Lutheran High Westland
Lutheran Michigan District Staff 
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MacArthur K-8 University Academy
Macatawa Bay Middle School
MacGowan Elementary 
Mackenzie Elementary-Middle School
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MacNaughton Elementary School
Macomb Academy
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Madison Elementary School
Madison Heights School District 
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Malcolm Elementary School 
Malow Junior High School
Mancelona Elementary School
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Maple Grove Elementary 
Maples Elementary School
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Marquette Elementary-Middle School - Detroit 
Marshall Academy
Marshall Elementary School
Marshall Public Schools
Marshall Upper Elementary 
Marshall, Thurgood Elementary School
Martell Elementary School
Martin G Atkins School
Martin Luther King Jr. Leadership Academy 
Martin Public Schools
Martyrs of Uganda Catholic Academy
Mary A. White Elementary School
Mary B. Neal Elementary School
Mary H. Matula Elementary School
Mary Helen Guest Elementary 
Mary McLeod Bethune Middle School
Marysville Public School District
Mason - Lake ISD
Mason Academy 
Mason Elementary School
Mason Consolidated Schools
Mason County Central High School
Mason County Central Middle School
Mason County Central School District
Mason County Central Upper Elementary School
Mason County Eastern Elementary School
Mason County Eastern Middle/High School
Mason County Eastern School District
Mason Elementary 
Mason Middle School
Mason Public Schools
Mason Senior High School
Mattawan Consolidated School 
Mattawoman Middle School
Maurice J. McDonough High School
Maybury Elementary School
Maysville Early College High School
Maysville Elementary School
Maysvillle High School
Mayville Community Schools
Mayville Elementary School
Mayville High School
Mayville Middle School
McBain Rural Agricultural Schools
McBride Middle School
McCollough-Unis K-8 School
McComb Elementary School 
McCormick Catholic Academy
McDonald Elementary School
McDowell Elementary 
McFall Elementary School
McGrath Elementary School
McGregor Elementary
McIntyre Elementary School
McMillan Early Childhood Center
McMonagle Elementary
Meadow Brook Elementary - Grand Rapids
Meadow Brook Elementary - Rochester Hills
Meadow Montessori School
Meadow Ridge Elementary
Meadowbrook Elementary School
Meadowlark Elementary School
Meadowlawn Elementary School
Meads Mill Middle School
Mecosta Elementary School
Mecosta-Osceola ISD   
Melvindale High School
Melvindale - Northern Allen Park Schools
Memorial 1-2 Campus
Memorial Elementary School
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Menominee Area Public Schools
Menominee Catholic Central School
Mercy High School
Mercy High School - Farmington Hills
Meridian Elementary 
Meridian Public Schools  
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Merrill Park Elementary 
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Messiah Preschool
Messiah Preschool - Carrollton
Messiah Preschool - Grand Rapids
Messmore Elementary School
Meyers Elementary
Michael Hamady Middle/High School
Michael J. McGivney School
Michigan Association of School Boards
Michigan Automotive Academy
Michigan Cyber Academy
Michigan Education Leader Group  
Michigan International Prep School
Michigan Lutheran Seminary
Michigan School for the Blind
Michigan Technical Academy
Mid-Peninsula Grade School
Mid-Peninsula High School
Mid Peninsula School District
Mid-Michigan Leadership Academy
Midland Academy of Advanced and Creative Studies
Midland Christian School
Midland ESA   
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Messiah Preschool - Bullock Creek
Milan Area Schools  
Milan High School
Milan Middle School
Milford High School - Highland
Mill Creek Elementary - Williamsburg
Mill Creek Middle School
Millbrook Christian School
Millennium Middle School
Miller Elementary
Miller Elementary School - Canton
Miller Elementary School - Dearborn
Millington Alternative Learning Center
Millington Community Schools
Millington High School
Millington Junior High School
Milton M. Somers Middle School
Minges Brook Elementary
Mio AuSable Elementary School
Mio AuSable High School
Mio AuSable Middle School
Mio AuSable Public Schools
Mixter Institute 
Moline Christian School
Mona Shores High School
Mona Shores Middle School
Mona Shores Public Schools
Monfort Elementary School
Monroe County ISD  
Monroe Elementary 
Monroe High School
Monroe Middle School
Monroe Public Schools
Monroe Road Elementary
Montabella Community Schools
Montabella Elementary School
Montabella Jr./Sr. High School
Montague Area Public Schools
Montague Elementary School
Montague High School
Monteith Elementary School
Montcalm Area ISD   
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Moon Elementary School
Moore Elementary School
Moraine Elementary 
Morgan-Shaw School
Moran Township School District
Morgan Elementary School
Morenci Area Schools
Moreno Valley High School
Morley Stanwood Community Schools
Morley Stanwood Elementary School
Morley Stanwood High School
Morley Stanwood Middle School
Morrice Area Schools
Morse Elementary School
Moses Field Trainable
Most Holy Trinity Catholic  School 
Most Holy Trinity School -Fowler 
Mott High School
Mount Calvary Elementary - Detroit
Mount Calvary Preschool - Greenville
Msgr. John R. Hackett Catholic Central High School
Mt. Calvary Christian Preschool
Mt. Calvary Lutheran School
Mt. Calvary Lutheran School - Detroit
Mt. Clemens Community Schools District
Mt. Hope Elementary - Allen Park
Mt. Hope Lutheran School
Mt. Hope STEAM
Mt. Hope/Nanjemoy Elementary School
Mt. Morris Consolidated Schools
Mt. Morris Middle School
Mt. Pleasant Public Schools
Mt. Zion
Muir Middle School
Mulick Park Elementary School
Mumford High School
Munger Elementary-Middle School
Munising Public Schools
Murray Lake Elementary School
Muskegon Area ISD    
Muskegon Catholic Central High School
Muskegon Catholic Schools
Muskegon Catholic Central Schools
Muskegon Christian School
Muskegon Heights Public School Academy
Muskegon High School
Muskegon Middle School
Muskegon Public Schools
Musson Elementary
Myers Elementary 
My Virtual Academy - Oak Park
N.B.C. Middle School
N.I.C.E. Community School District
Nah Tah Wahsh PSA
Napoleon Community Schools
Negaunee Public Schools
Neil Armstrong Middle School
Neinas Dual Language Learning Academy 
Neinas Elementary School
Neithercut Community Elementary 
Nellie Reed Elementary School
Nelson Elementary School
New Bedford Academy
New Beginnings Academy
New Beginnings Alternative High School
New Branches School
New Buffalo Area Schools
New Era Christian School
New Era Elementary School
New Groningen Elementary
New Haven Community Schools
New Lothrop Elementary School
New Lothrop High School
New Lothrop School District
New Mount Olive Preschool - Detroit
New Options High School
New Salem Lutheran School
Newaygo Center East
Newaygo County RESA
Newaygo High School
Newaygo Middle School
Newaygo Public Schools
Newton Community High 
Newton Elementary
Nickels Intermediate School
Nichols Elementary-Middle School
Niedermeier Center for Education
Niji-Iro Japanese Immersion Elementary School
Niles Community High School
Niles Community Schools
Noble Elementary-Middle School
Nolan Elementary
North Adams - Jerome Public Schools
North Branch Area Schools
North Central Academy  
North East Education Center
North Elementary - Godwin
North Elementary School
North Elementary - Newport
North Farmington High School
North High School
North Hill Elementary
North Holland Elementary School
North Hills Child Care Center
North Huron Elementary School
North Huron High School
North Huron Secondary School
North Muskegon Elementary School
North Muskegon Middle/High School
North Muskegon Public Schools     
North Oakview Elementary
North Penn Elementary School
North Pine Grove Amish School
North Point High School
North Road Elementary School
North Rockford Middle School
North Saginaw Charter Academy
North Sashabaw Elementary School
North Shore Christian Middle School
North Shore Elementary - South Haven
Northern High School
Northern Hills Middle School
Northern Michigan Christian School
Northern Michigan Christian School - McBa
Northern Trails 5/6 Schools
NorthPointe Christian Elementary School
NorthPointe Schools
Northport Public School
Northside Alternative High School
Northside Christian Elementary School
Northview - East Campus
Northview High School
Northview Public School
Northville High School
Northville Public Schools
Northville School District 
Northwest Academy
Northwest Community Schools
Northwest School District
Northwestern High School
Northwestern Middle School
Northwood Elementary - Royal Oak
Norup International School
Notre Dame High School
Notre Dame Marist  Academy (Jr. K-5) 
Notre Dame Preparatory School (9-12)
Nottawa Community Schools
Nouvel Catholic Central High School
Nova of Oak Park
Novi Career Preparation High School
Novi Community School District
Novi High School
Novi Meadows Elementary School
Novi Middle School
Novi Woods Elementary School
Nowlin Elementary School
O.E. Dunckel Middle School
O.L. Smith Middle School
O.W.Best Middle School
Oak Park High School
Oak Park Preparatory Academy
Oak Park Schools
Oak Ridge Elementary - Royal Oak
Oak Valley Middle
Oakbrook Elementary School
Oakdale Christian School
Oakland Early College
Oakland Elementary School
Oakland ISD  
Oakland Opportunity Academy
Oakland Schools Technical Campus
Oakley Park Elementary School
Oakman Elementary School
Oakridge High School
Oakridge Middle School
Oakridge Lower Elementary
Oakridge Upper Elementary 
Oakridge Public Schools
Oaktree Elementary
Oakview Elementary School
Oakview Middle School
Oakview South Elementary
Oakwood Christian Nursery School
Oakwood Elementary - Ortonville
Oakwood Intermediate
Oceana ISD    
Ogemaw Heights High School
OJ Dejonge Middle School
Oksmos Public Schools
Old Mission Peninsula School
Old Redford Academy
Olivet Community Schools
Olivet High School
Olivet Middle School
Omni Alternative High School
Onaway Area Community Schools   
Oneida Strange School District
Onekama Consolidated School
Onsted Community Schools
Open Arms - St Paul Elementary - Cassopolis
OPHS Freshman Institute 
Orchard Center High School
Orchard High School
Orchard Hills Elementary School
Orchard Lake Elementary School
Orchard Lake Middle School
Orchard View Elementary School
Orchard View Elementary School (5/6)
Orchard View High School
Orchard View Middle School
Orchard View Schools
Oriole Park Elementary
Orion Oaks Elementary School
Osborn College Preparatory Academy 
Osborn Collegiate Academy of Mathematics, Science and Technology 
Osborn Evergreen Academy of Design and Alternative Energy
Oscoda Area High School
Oscoda Area Schools
Otisville Elementary
Otsego Public Schools
Ottawa Area ISD      
Ottawa Elementary School
Ottawa Hills High School
Otter Lake Elementary
Our Lady of Consolation Catholic School
Our Lady of Fatima School
Our Lady of Good Councel School - Plymouth
Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic School
Our Lady of Guadalupe Middle School
Our Lady of La Salette Catholic School
Our Lady of Lake Huron Catholic School
Our Lady of Lake Huron School
Our Lady of Loretto School
Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Elementary School
Our Lady of Mt. Carmel High School
Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Schools
Our Lady of Peace School
Our Lady of Perpetual Help School
Our Lady of Refuge  Catholic School
Our Lady of Refuge School - Orchard Lake
Our Lady of Sorrows Parish
Our Lady of Sorrows School
Our Lady of the Lakes Catholic School
Our Lady of the Lakes Catholic Elementary
Our Lady of the Lakes Catholic Middle/High School 
Our Lady of the Lakes Schools
Our Lady of Victory Catholic School
Our Lady Queen of Angels School
Our Lady Queen of Apostles School
Our Lady Queen of Martyrs Catholic School
Our Lady Queen of Peace School
Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic School
Our Redeemer Preschool
Our Redeemer Preschool - Dearborn
Our Savior Elementary - Grand Rapids
Our Savior Elementary - Lansing
Our Savior Elementary - Scottville
Our Savior Lutheran Evangelical School
Our Savior Lutheran Preschool - Marlette
Our Savior Lutheran Preschool - Scottsville
Our Savior Lutheran School - Grand Rapids
Our Savior Lutheran School - Lansing
Our Savior Lutheran School - Marlette
Our Savior Preschool
Our Saviour Elementary - Armada
Our Shepherd Elementary - Birmingham
Our Shepherd Lutheran School
Outlook Strict Discipline Academy
Ovid-Elsie Alternative High School
Ovid-Elsie Area Schools
Ovid-Elsie High School
Ovid-Elsie Middle School
Owen Elementary
Owen Intermediate
Owendale-Gagetown Area Schools District
Owendale-Gagetown Elementary School
Owendale-Gagetown Kindergarten
Owendale-Gagetown Jr./Sr. High School
Owosso Christian School
Owosso High School
Owosso Middle School
Owosso Public Schools  
Oxbow Elementary - White Lake
Oxford Arts Conservatory 
Oxford Bridges High School
Oxford Community Schools
Oxford Crossroads Day School
Oxford Elementary
Oxford High School
Oxford Middle School
Oxford Virtual Academy
Paddock Elementary School
Page Elementary
Paint Creek Elementary School
Paintbrush Elementary School
Palmer Elementary School
Palmer Park Preparatory Academy
Palo Community School District
Pansophia Academy
Parcells Middle School
Parchment Public Schools
Pardee Elementary 
Paris Ridge Elementary School
Park Elementary - Hudsonville
Parke Lane Elementary 
Parkside Elementary School
Parkview Elementary School
Parkview Elementary - Wyoming
Parkway Elementary School
Parkway High School
Parkway Middle School
Parsons Elementary
Pasteur Elementary School
Pathfinder Elementary School
Patrick Henry Middle School
Pattengill Academy 
Pattengill Elementary School
Patterson Elementary School
Paun Elementary 
Paw Paw Early Elementary School
Paw Paw High School
Paw Paw Late Elementary School
Paw Paw Middle School
Paw Paw Public Schools  
Peace Christian Preschool
Peace Elementary - Detroit
Peace Elementary - Saginaw
Peace Elementary - Shelby Township
Peace Elementary - Warren
Peace Lutheran School
Peace Lutheran School - Detroit
Peace Lutheran School - Sandusky
Peace Lutheran School - Shelby Township
Peace Lutheran School - Warren
Peace Preschool - Sandusky
Peace Preschool - Waterford
Peach Christian Preschool - Waterford
Peach Plains Elementary School
Pearson Elementary 
Pellston Elementary School
Pellston High/Middle School
Pellston Public Schools
Pembroke Elementary School
Pennfield High School
Pennfield Middle School
Pennfield Schools District
Pennsylvania Elementary
Pentwater Public Schools
Pepper Elementary School
Perry Elementary School
Perry High School
Perry Middle School
Perry Public Schools
Pershing High School
Petoskey High School
Petoskey Middle School
Petoskey Montessori
Pewamo - Westphalia Community Schools
Pewamo - Westphalia Elementary School
Pewamo - Westphalia Middle/High School
Phoenix Multicultural Academy
Piccowacen Middle School
Pickford Public Schools
Pierce Community Elementary 
Pierce Elementary School - Birmingham
Pierce Middle School - Grosse Pointe
Pierce Middle School - Waterford 
Pilgrim Christian Preschool
Pilgrim Lutheran Preschool
Pilgrim Preschool - Burton
Pilgrim Preschool - Essexville
Pinckney Community Schools
Pinconning Advancement Academy 
Pinconning Area Schools
Pinconning Central Elementary School
Pinconning High School
Pinconning Middle School
Pine Creek Elementary School
Pinehurst Early Elementary 
Pine Island Elementary School
Pine Knob Elementary School
Pine Ridge Christian School
Pine Ridge Elementary School
Pine River Area Schools
Pine Tree Elementary School
Pinewood Middle School
Pioneer Middle School
Pioneer Tech High School
Pittsford Area Schools
Plainwell Community Schools
Platte River Elementary 
Pleasant Hill Academy
Pleasant Hill Amish School
Pleasant Lake Elementary School
Pleasant Ridge Montessori School
Pleasant View Visual/Performing Arts
Plumbrook Elementary School
Plymouth Christian Elementary School
Plymouth Christian High School
Plymouth Christian Schools
Plymouth Educational Center Charter School
Plymouth High School
Plymouth - Canton Community Schools
Polk Elementary 
Pontiac City School District
Pontiac High School
Pontiac Middle School
Port Hope Community School
Port Huron Area School District
Portage Public Schools  
Portland Public Schools  
Posen Consolidated School District #9
Post-Franklin Elementary School
Potter Community Elementary 
Potter's House Elementary School
Potter's House High School
Potterville Public Schools   
Poupard Elementary School
Powell Township School District
Power Middle School
Power Upper Elementary School
Prarie Wind Elementary School
Prairieview Elementary
Precious Gifts Child Care Center
Precious Gifts - Bethel Preschool - Howard City
Premier Academy 
Priest Elementary-Middle School
Pronghorn Elementary School
Providence Christian High School
Providence Christian School
Public Schools of Calumet - Laurium - Keweenaw
Public Schools of the City of Muskegon
Public Schools of Petoskey
Public Museum School
Pulaski Elementary-Middle School
Pullman Elementary School
Purdy Elementary School
Quarton Elementary School
Queen of the Miraculous Medal School
Quest High School
Quincy Elementary - Zeeland
R.Grant Graham Elementary 
Raisinville Elementary School
Ralph J. Bunche Academy
Randolph Elmentary 
Rankin Elementary
Rapid City Elementary
Rapid River Elementary School
Rapid River Middle/High School
Rapid River Public Schools
Rawhide Elementary School
Ravenna High School
Ravenna Middle School
Ravenna Public Schools
Raupp Elementary 
Rawsonville Elementary 
Raymond C. Syring Elementary
Reading Community Schools
Recluse Elementary School
Red Arrow Elementary School
Red Hawk Elementary School
Redford Union High School
Redford Union School District
Redeemer Elementary - Flint
Redeemer Elementary - St Clair Shores
Redeemer Lutheran School
Redeemer Preschool - Marquette
Reed City Area Public Schools
Reed City High School
Reed City Middle School
Reese Elementary School
Reese High School
Reese Middle School
Reese Public Schools  
Reeths-Puffer Central Elementary
Reeths-Puffer Elementary School
Reeths - Puffer High School
Reeths - Puffer Intermediate School
Reeths - Puffer Middle School
Reeths - High School
Reeths - Puffer Public Schools
Regina High School
Reid Elementary
Reid Elementary School 
Relevant Academy
REMC #10  
REMC 3/9
Renaissance Charter School
Renaissance High School
Renton Junior High 
Reo Elementary School
Republic - Michigamme Schools
Resurrection Catholic  School
Reuther Middle School
Richard C. Hedke Elementary School
Richard Elementary School
Richardson Elementary School
Richmond Community Schools
Riddle Elementary School
Ridgeview (PreK-2nd)
Ridgeview Elementary 
Ridge Wood Elementary 
Riley Elementary School
Riley Street Middle
Riley Upper Elementary 
Ritter Elementary - South Rockwood
River Oaks Elementary School
River Rouge High School
River Rouge School District
River Rouge STEM Academy 
River Valley Elementary
River Valley High School
River Valley School District
Riverside Academy
Riverside Elementary School
Riverside Middle School
Riverview Community High School
Riverview Community School  District
Riverview Elementary School
Robeson/Malcom X Academy 
Robert Kerr Elementary School
Roberts Elementary School
Robichaud High School - Dearborn
Robinson Elementary School
Rochester Adams High School
Rochester Community Schools
Rochester High School
Rockford Christian School
Rockford High School
Rockford Public Schools
Rogers City Area Schools
Rogers Early Elementary School - Allen Park
Rogers Elementary School
Roguewood Elementary School
Romeo Community Schools
Romulus Elementary 
Romulus High School 
Romulus Middle School
Romulus School District
Roosevelt Elementary - Zeeland
Roosevelt Elementary School - Keego Harbo
Roosevelt High School
Roosevelt-McGrath Elementary 
Roscommon Area Public Schools
Roscommon Elementary School
Roscommon High School
Roscommon Middle School
Rose City School
Rose Park Christian School
Rose Park Elementary School
Rose Pioneer Elementary School
Rosedale Elementary
Roseville Community Schools
Ross Park Elementary School
Rosy Mound Elementary School
Royal Oak High School
Royal Oak Middle School
Royal Oak  School District
Royal Oak Public Schools
Rozet Elementary School
RRO Elementary School
Rudyard Area School District
Rudyard Christian School
Sabbath Middle School
Sacred Heart Academy 
Sacred Heart Catholic Academy DK-12
Sacred Heart Catholic Academy Elementary School
Sacred Heart Catholic School - Dearborn
Sacred Heart Catholic School - Hudson
Sacred Heart Catholic School - L'Anse
Sage Valley Junior High School
Saginaw Arts and Sciences Academy
Saginaw Career Complex (SCC)
Saginaw County Juvenile Center
Saginaw High School
Saginaw ISD  
Saginaw Learn to Earn Academy
Saginaw Preperatory Academy
Saginaw Public Schools
Saginaw Township Community Schools
Saginaw Valley Lutheran High School
Salem Elementary School
Salem High School
Salem Lutheran School
Salem Preschool - Coloma
Salina Elementary School
Salina Intermediate School
Sampson-Webber Leadership Academy
Sand Creek Community Schools
Sand Lake Elementary
Sandusky Community Schools
Sandyview Elementary School
Sanilac ISD   
Sara Banks Middle School
Saranac Community Schools   
Sashabaw Middle School
Saugatuck High School
Saugatuck Public Schools
Sauk Trail Academy
Sault Area Public Schools
Sault Ste. Marie Area Schools
Savage Elementary 
Sayre Elementary School
Schall Elementary School
Schalm Elementary School
Schavey Road Elementary School
School District of the City of Royal Oak
School District of the City of Saginaw
Schoolcraft Community Schools
Schoolcraft Elementary School
Shorline Elementary School
Schroeder Elementary School
Schuchard Elementary School
Schulze Academy for Technology and Arts
Schwarzkoff Elementary School
Schweitzer Elementary 
Scotch Elementary School
Scott Elementary School
Scott Elementary School - DeWitt
Scottville Elementary School
Scripps Middle School
Seitz Middle School
SER Metro Learning Academy
Seventh Day Adventist
Seymour Elementary-Flushing
Shawmut Hills School
Shay Elementary School
Sheiko Elementary
Shelby Elementary 
Shelby Early Childhood Center
Shelby High School
Shelby Junior High School
Shelby Middle School
Shelby Public Schools
Sheldon Woods Elementary School
Shelters Elementary School
Shepherd King Preschool - West Bloomfield
Shepherd of the Lakes Lutheran School
Shepherd of the Lakes Early Childhood
Shepherd of the Lakes Elementary - Brighton
Shepherd Public Schools
Sheridan Elementary School
Sheridan Road Baptist
Sheridan Road STEM
Sherwood Elementary School
Sherwood Park Global Studies Academy
Shettler Elementary School 
Shiawassee RESD  
Shields Elementary
Shrine Academy School
Shrine Catholic Grade School
Shrine Catholic High School/Academy
Shrine of Little Flower School
Shrine of the Little Flower School
Shoreline Elementary School
Shumate Middle 
Sibley Elementary School
Sigel Township School District 3
Sigel Township School District 4
Sigel Township School District 6
Silver Lake Elementary School
Silver Springs Elementary 
Simonds Elementary
Simpson Middle School
Siple Elementary
Smith Elementary School
Smith Middle School
Snow Elementary School
SOAR Academic Institute
Sodt Elementary School
Sodus Township School District 5
Soo Hill Elementary School
Sonoma Elementary
South Arbor Charter Academy
South Bendle Elementary
South Christian High School
Southeast Kelloggsville Elementary
Southeastern High School
South Elementary School
South Elementary School - Hudsonville
South Haven High School
South Haven Public Schools   
South High School
South Lake Schools
South Lyon Community School District
South Lyon East High School
South Lyon High School
South Olive Christian School
South Redford School District
South Side Christian School
South Side Elementary School
South Walnut Elementary
Southfield-Lathrup High School
Southfield High School
Southfield Public Schools 
Southfield Regional Academic Campus
Southgate Community School District
Southwest Community Campus School
Southwestern Classical Academy
Southwood Elementary School
Spain Elementary-Middle School
Sparta Area Schools
Sparta High School
Sparta Middle School
Spiritus Sanctus Academy - Ann Arbor
Spiritus Sanctus Academy K-8 - Ann Arbor
Spitler Elementary School
Spring Lake High School
Spring Lake Intermediate School
Spring Lake Middle School
Spring Lake Public Schools
Spring Mills Elementary- Highland
Spring Valley Academy
Springfield Middle School
Springfield Plains Elementary School
Springview Elementary School
SS. Peter & Paul Catholic School
St. Agatha Elementary School
St. Agatha Schools
St. Albert the Great School
St. Aloysius School
St. Alphonsus Elementary School - Dearborn
St. Alphonsus School
St. Alphonsus School - Grand Rapids
St. Ambrose Academy
St. Angela School - Roseville
St. Ann Catholic School - Cadillac
St. Anne Catholic School - Linwood
St. Anne Catholic School - Warren 
St. Anne School - Alpena
St. Anselm Catholic School
St. Anthony of Padua Catholic School
St. Anthony School
St. Augustine Cathedral School
St. Augustine Catholic School
St. Augustine Preschool
St. Augustine School  
St. Bartholomew School
St. Basil Catholic School
St. Bede School
St. Benedict School
St. Brigid Catholic School
St. Casimir School
St. Catherine Catholic School
St. Catherine of Siena Academy
St. Catherine School - Ravenna
St. Catherine School - Wixom
St. Cecilia Catholic School
St. Cecilia School - Detroit
St. Charles Borromeo Catholic School 
St. Charles Borromeo Catholic School - 2
St. Charlse Borromeo Catholic School - 3
St. Charles Catholic School
St. Charles Community Schools
St. Charles High School
St. Charles School
St. Christopher School
St. Clair RESA  
St. Claire of Montefalco Catholic School
St. Clare of Montefalco School
St. Clement Catholic Elementary
St. Clement Elementary School
St. Clement Jr. High School
St. Cunegunda School
St. Cyprian School
St. Damian Catholic School
St. Dennis Catholic School
St. Dunstan School
St. Edith Catholic School
St. Edward on the Lake Catholic School
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Middle School
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Middle School
St. Elizabeth on the Lake Catholic School
St. Elizabeth Area Catholic School
St. Fabian Catholic School
St. Florian Elementary School
St. Florian Schools
St. Frances Cabrini Elementary School
St. Francis Catholic High School
St. Francis deSales Catholic School
St. Francis High School
St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School
St. Francis Xavier School
St. Genevieve Catholic School
St. Gerard Catholic School
St. Germaine Catholic School
St. Helen School
St. Henry School
St. Hugo of the Hills Catholic School
St. Hyacinth School
St. Ignace Area Schools
St. Ignatius of Loyola Catholic School
St. Isaac Jogues Catholic School
St. Isidore School
St. Issac Jogues School
St. James Catholic School
St. Joan of Arc Catholic School
St. John Bosco School
St. John Evan. Lutheran School (Pigeon)
St. John Evan. Lutheran School (Pigeon)
St. John Evangelist School
St. John Lutheran Early Childhood Program
St. John's Lutheran School - 2
St. John Lutheran School - Bay City
St. John Lutheran School (Fraser)
St. John Lutheran School (Grand Haven)
St. John Lutheran School (Midland)
St. John Lutheran School (Port Hope) 
St. John Lutheran School (Rochester)
St. John Lutheran School (Rogers City)
St. John Preschool Academy
St. John School
St. John the Baptist Catholic School
St. John the Evangelist Catholic School - 1 
St. John the Evangelist Catholic School -2 
St. John the Evangelist Catholic School -3 
St. John Vianney Caring Place
St. John Vianney Catholic School
St. John Vianney Catholic -2
St. John's Lutheran School 
St. John's Lutheran School - 2
St. John's Lutheran Childhood Early Child
St. Johns Alternative 
St. Johns High School
St. Johns Middle School
St. Johns Public Schools   
St. Josaphat School
St. Joseph Academy School
St. Joseph County ISD  
St. Joseph Public Schools
St. Joseph Catholic Elementary and Preschool
St. Joseph Catholic School
St. Joseph Catholic Middle School
St. Joseph Catholic School - Conklin
St. Joseph Catholic School - Erie
St. Joseph Catholic School - Howell
St. Joseph Catholic School - Lake Orion
St. Joseph Catholic School - Pewamo
St. Joseph Catholic School - St. Johns
St. Joseph Catholic School - Trenton
St. Joseph Catholic School - Watervliet
St. Joseph Catholic School - West Branch
St. Joseph School - Erie
St. Joseph School - Monroe
St. Joseph School, Pewamo
St. Joseph the Worker Catholic School
St. Jude School
St. Juliana School
St. Lawrence Catholic School
St. Linus Catholic School
St. Lorenz Lutheran School (PreK-8)
St. Louis Public Schools
St. Louis School for Exceptional
St. Luke & St. Brigid School
St. Luke Little Lamb Preschool
St. Luke Little Lambs Preschool
St. Luke Lutheran School
St. Luke Lutheran School - Clinton
St. Margaret Catholic School- Otsego
St. Mark Lutheran Preschool
St. Mark Lutheran School - Kentwood
St. Martha Catholic School - Okemos
St. Mary's Assumption Catholic School
St. Mary's Preparatory Catholic High School
St. Mary's School, Westphalia
St. Mary's Visitation Catholic School
St. Martin DePorres High School
St. Mary Academy
St. Mary Cathedral Schools
St. Mary Cathedral Elementary School
St. Mary Cathedral Jr/Sr High School
St. Mary Catholic Central High School
St. Mary Catholic School - Alma
St. Mary Catholic School - Big Rapids
St. Mary Catholic School - Charlevoix
St. Mary Catholic School - Charlotte
St. Mary Catholic School - Lake Leelanau
St. Mary Catholic School - Monroe
St. Mary Catholic School - Mount Clemens
St. Mary Catholic School - Mount Morris
St. Mary Catholic School - Niles
St. Mary Catholic School - Paw Paw
St. Mary Catholic School - Pinckney
St. Mary Catholic School - Rockwood
St. Mary Catholic School - Royal Oak
St. Mary Catholic School - Sault Ste Marie
St. Mary Catholic School - Spring Lake
St. Mary Catholic School - St. Clair
St. Mary Catholic School - Wayne
St. Mary Catholic School - Williamston
St. Mary Magdalen School
St. Mary/McCormick Catholic Academy
St. Mary of Hannah Catholic School
St. Mary of Redford School
St. Mary of the Lake Catholic School
St. Mary Parish School
St. Mary Preparatory
St. Mary Primary Campus
St. Mary Queen of Angels School
St. Mary School
St. Mary Star of the Sea Catholic School
St. Mary's School 
St. Mary Parish School
St. Mary School Charlevoix
St. Mary Star of the Sea Catholic School
St. Mary McCormick Catholic Academy
St. Matthew Lutheran School - Walled Lake
St. Matthew Lutheran School - Westland
St. Matthew School
St. Mel School
St. Michael's Lutheran School
St. Michael's School
St. Michael Catholic School - Coopersville
St. Michael Catholic School - Grand Ledge
St. Michael Catholic School - Livonia
St. Michael Catholic School - Pinconning
St. Michael Catholic School - Remus
St. Michael Lutheran School - Portage
St. Michael Lutheran School - Wayne
St. Michael School
St. Michael School - Brunswick
St. Michael the Archangel Catholic School
St. Monica Catholic School - Kalamazoo
St. Patrick Elementary & High School - Portland
St. Patrick Catholic School - Ada
St. Patrick Catholic School - Brighton
St. Patrick Catholic School - Carleton
St. Patrick Catholic School - Portland 
St. Patrick Catholic School - White Lake
St. Paul Catholic School
St. Paul Christian Preschool
St. Paul Early Childhood Center
St. Paul Lutheran School - Ann Arbor
St. Paul Lutheran School - Bay City
St. Paul Lutheran School - Flint
St. Paul Lutheran School - Lapeer
St. Paul Lutheran School - Millington
St. Paul Lutheran School - Northville
St. Paul Lutheran School - Royal Oak
St. Paul on the Lake Catholic School
St. Paul School - Owosso
St. Paul Sonshine Kids Preschool
St. Paul the Apostle Catholic School
St. Paul's Lutheran School
St. Paul's Toddler House
St. Peter & Paul School
St. Peter & St. Paul School
St. Peter Lutheran Preschool
St. Peter's Lutheran School - Eastpointe
St. Peter Lutheran School - Big Rapids
St. Peter Lutheran School - Hemlock
St. Peter Lutheran School - Macomb
St. Peter Lutheran School - Richmond
St. Peter Lutheran School - St. Johns
St. Peter the Apostle School
St. Philip Catholic Central High School
St. Philip Middle School
St. Pius Catholic School - Southgate
St. Pius X Catholic School - Flint
St. Raphael Catholic School  -Garden City
St. Regis Catholic School
St. Robert Bellarmine School-Flushing
St. Robert Bellarmine School - Redford
St. Rose of Lima Catholic School
St. Sabina School
St. Scholastica School
St. Sebastian Catholic School
St. Stanislaus Kostka School
St. Stanislaus  Catholic School - Dorr
St. Stephen Catholic School - E Grand Rapids
St. Stephen Catholic School - New Boston
St. Stephen Catholic School - Saginaw
St. Stephen Lutheran School
St. Stephen Parish School
St. Stephen School
St. Stephen/Mary Mother
St. Thecla Catholic School - Clinton Twp
St. Therese Catholic School - Wayland
St. Thomas Aquinas School - East Lansing
St. Thomas Aquinas School - Saginaw
St. Thomas Lutheran School - Eastpointe
St. Thomas More High School - Boysville
St. Thomas the Apostle School - Ann Arbor
St. Thomas the Apostle School - Grand Rapids
St. Timothy Lutheran School
St. Trinity Lutheran Preschool
St. Valentine Catholic School - Redford
St. Vincent dePaul School
St. Vincent Ferrer School
St. William Catholic School - Walled Lake
Stadium Drive Elementary School of the Arts
Standish - Sterling Community Schools
Stanton Township Public Schools
Stark County Elementary School
Stark County High School
Stark County Junior High School
Starkweather Academy 
State Line Christian School
State Road Elementary School
Ste. Marie Elementary School
STEM Middle School
Stephenson Area Public Schools      
Sterling Elementary 
Stevenson Elementary School
Stevenson High School
Stockbridge Community School District
Stocking Elementary School
Stocktrail Elementary School
Stone Elementary
Stoney Creek Elementary School
Stoney Creek High School
Stout Middle School
Strong Middle School
Sturgis Public Schools  
Stucky Center
Summerfield Elementary 
Summerfield Junior & Senior High
Summerfield Schools
Summit Academy
Sunflower Elementary School
Sunrise Academy 
Sureline Elementary School
Surline Middle School - West Branch
Suttons Bay Elementary School
Suttons Bay High School
Suttons Bay Public Schools
Swan Valley High School
Swan Valley Middle School
Swan Valley School District
Swartz Creek Academy
Swartz Creek Community Schools
Swartz Creek High School
Swartz Creek Middle School
Switzer Elementary School
Symons Elementary School
T.C. Martin Elementary School
Taft-Galloway Elementary 
Tahquamenon Area Schools
Tawas Area High School
Tawas Area Middle School
Tawas School District
Taylor Parks Elementary
Taylor School District
Taylor Virtual Learning Academy
TC Central High School
TC East Middle School
TC West Middle School
TC West Senior High School
TCAPS International School at Bertha Vos
TCAPS Montessori at Glenn Loomis
Taylor School District
Tecumseh Public Schools
Tekonsha Community Schools
Tekonsha Elementary School
Tekonsha High School
Tekonsha Middle School
The Dearborn Academy
The Dunes Alternative High School
The Highland Park Public School Academy System 
The Lincoln Center 
The Morey Charter School
The New Millennium Academy
The Potter's House Elementary 
The Potter's House High School
The Potter's House Middle School
The Potter's House Schools
The Tomorrow Center
Theodore G. Davis Middle School
Theodore Roosevelt Primary School
Thirkell Elementary-Middle School
This Little Light Daycare
Thomas-Gist Academy
Thomas Read Elementary 
Thomas Simpson Middle School
Thomas Stone High School
Thomas White Elementary School
Thompson Elementary-Davison
Thompson K-8 International Academy
Thorne Intermediate Elementary School
Thorne Primary Elementary School
Thornapple Elementary - Fowler
Thornapple Elementary School - Grand Rapids
Thornapple Kellogg High School
Thornapple Kellogg Middle School
Thornapple Kellogg Schools
Thornton Creek Elementary 
Three Oaks Public School Academy
Three Rivers Community Schools
Threshold Academy
Thumb Amish Parochial School
Thurston High School
Timberland Academy
Tinkham Educational Center
Tomek-Eastern Elementary School
Tomlinson Middle School - Inkster
Tonda Elementary School
Torrey Hill Intermediate
Townline Elementary School
Townsend North Preschool
Traverse Bay Area ISD  
Traverse City Area Public Schools
Traverse City Christian School - 1
Traverse City Christian School - 2
Traverse City High School (Alternative)
Traverse City Preparatory Academy
Traverse Heights Elementary School
Tree of Life
Trenton High School
Trenton Public Schools 
Tri-City SDA School
Tri County Area Schools
Tri County High School
Tri County Middle School
Tri-County Educational Center
Tri-Unity Christian Elementary School
Tri-Unity Christian Schools
Tri-Unity Christian Sr High School
Trillium Academy
Trinity Elementary - Bay City
Trinity Elementary - Berrien Springs
Trinity Elementary - Conklin
Trinity Elementary - Jackson
Trinity Elementary - Manistee
Trinity Elementary - Monroe
Trinity Elementary - Mount Clemens
Trinity Elementary - Onekama
Trinity Elementary - Paw Paw
Trinity Elementary - Port Huron
Trinity Elementary - Reed City
Trinity Elementary - Reese
Trinity Elementary - Saint Joseph
Trinity Elementary - Sawyer
Trinity Elementary - Utica
Trinity Elementary - Wyandotte
Trinity Lutheran Church & School 
Trinity Lutheran Nursery School
Trinity Lutheran Preschool
Trinity Lutheran School - Bay City
Trinity Lutheran School - Berrien Springs
Trinity Lutheran School - Clinton Twp
Trinity Lutheran School - Conklin
Trinity Lutheran School - Jackson
Trinity Lutheran School - Manistee
Trinity Lutheran School - Paw Paw
Trinity Lutheran School - Port Huron
Trinity Lutheran School - Reed City
Trinity Lutheran School - Reese
Trinity Lutheran School - St. Joseph
Trinity Lutheran School - Sturgis
Trinity Lutheran School - Traverse City
Trinity Lutheran School - Utica
Trinity Preschool - Gaylord
Trinity Preschool - Ironwood
Trinity Preschool - Lansing
Trinity Preschool - Munger
Trinity Preschool - Warren
Trinity St. James Lutheran Preschool
Triumph Academy
Trombly Elementary School
Troy Center for Transition
Troy High School
Troy Intersect Virtual School
Troy School District
Troy Union Elementary School
Towline Elementary School
Tucker Elementary
Turning Point Academy 
Tuscola ISD  
Twain School for Scholars
Twin Lake Elementary 
Twin Spruce Junior High       
Tyler Elementary 
Tyrone Elementary 
Ubly Community Schools
Ubly Elementary School
Ubly High School
UCS AdvancePath Academy 
Union City Community Schools
Union City Elementary School
Union City High School
Union City Middle School
Union High School
Unionville-Sebewaing Area High School
Unionville-Sebewaing Area Middle School
Unionville-Sebewaing Area Schools
United Oaks Elementary School
Unity Christian High School
Unity High School
University High School
University High School & Prep Academy 
University Hills Elementary 
University of Detroit High School & Jesuit Academy
University of Detroit Jesuit High School and Academy
University Prep Academy
Upton Elementary 
Urbandale Elementary School
USA Elementary School
Utica Community Schools
Utica High School
Valley Lutheran High School
Valley View Elementary School - BC
Valley View Elementary School - Rockford
Valleywood Middle School
Van Buren ISD  
Van Buren Public Schools
Van Hoosen Middle School
Vandenberg Elementary School
Vandenberg World Cultures Academy
Vanderbilt Charter Academy
Van Dyke Public Schools
Vassar High School
Vassar Middle School
Vassar Public Schools
Velma Matson Upper Elementary School
Vera Wilsie Elementary School
Verona Mills School
Vernor Elementary School
Vestaburg Community School
Vestaburg Elementary
Vestaburg Middle/High School
Vicksburg Community Schools
Village Oaks Elementary School
Virtual Vantage Academy
Visitation Academy
Voyagers School
Wagar Middle School (5/6)
Wagar Middle School (7/8)
Wagonwheel Elementary School
Walden white Day School
Walden Green Montessori
Waldon Middle School
Waldron Area Schools
Waldron Elementary & Middle School
Walker-Winter Elementary 
Walkerville High School
Walkerville Public Schools
Walkerville Rural Communities Schools  
Walled Lake Central High School
Walled Lake Consolidated School District 
Walled Lake Elementary School
Walled Lake Northern High School
Walled Lake Western High School
Walnut Creek Middle School
Walnut Hills Elementary School
Walter French Academy
Walter J. Mitchell Elementary School
Warner Upper Elementary School
Warren Consolidated Schools
Washington Elementary 
Washtenaw Christian Academy
Wass Elementary School
Waterford-Missaukee ISD  
Waterford Cyber Academy
Waterford School District
Waterloo Elementary School
Watervliet Public Schools
Wattles Elementary School
Wavecrest Career Academy
Waverly Community Schools
Waukazoo Elementary School
Way Elementary School
Wayland Union Schools
Wayne County RESA 
Wayne Elementary School
Wayne Memorial High 
Wayne-Westland Community Schools
WayPoint Academy
Wealthy Elementary School
Webb Elementary School
Webber Elementary School
Webberville Community Schools
Webster Elementary School - Hazel Park
Webster Elementary School - Livonia
Wee Grow Christian Preschool
Wegienka Elementary 
Weidman Elementary School
Weiss Elementary School
Wells Township School District
Wesley School
West Bendle Elementary
West Bendle Public Schools
West Bloomfield High School
West Bloomfield Preschool Academy
West Bloomfield School District
West Bloomfield Transition Center
West Branch-Rose City Area Schools
West Catholic High School
West Elementary - Grandville
West Elementary School - Wyoming
West Hills Middle School
West Kelloggsville Elementary
West Maple Elementary School
West Michigan Academy of Arts and Academics
West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science
West Michigan Lutheran High School
West Middle School - Portage
West Middle School - Rochester Hills
West Oakview Elementary
West Ottawa High School
West Ottawa Public Schools
West Shore Elementary School
West Shore ESD
West Shore Lutheran School
West Side Academy of Information Technology and Cyber Security 
West Side Christian School
West Utica Elementary School
West Village Academy
Westdale Elementary School
Western International High School
Western Michigan Christian 
Western School District
Western Wayne Skill Center
Westlake Elementary
Westlake High School 
Westwood Community Schools
Westwood Cyber High School
Westwood High School
Westwood Heights School District
Westwood Middle School
Westwood Ombudsman High School North 
Westwood Community School District 
Westwoods Elementary School
Wexford-Missaukee ISD    
Wexford Montessori
WHRC Elementary School
White Cloud Elementary School
White Cloud Junior/Senior High School
White Cloud School District
White Lake Middle School 
White Pigeon Community Schools
White Pine Middle School
White Pines Intermediate School
White, Jerry L. Center
Whitefish Township Schools
Whiteford Agricultural Schools
Whiteford Elementary School
Whiteford Middle/High School
Whitehall District Schools
Whitehall High School
Whitehall Middle School
Whitemore-Bolles Elementary School
Whitman Elementary 
Whittemore-Prescott Area Schools
Whittemore-Prescott Elementary School
Whittemore-Prescott Junior/Senior High
Wick Elementary 
Wildwood Elementary 
Wiley Elementary School
Wilkinson Middle School
William A. Diggs Elementary School
William B. Wade Elementary School
William D. Ford High 
William Ford Elementary School
Willie E. Thompson Middle School
Willow Elementary School
Willow Hill Elementary School
Willow Run Community Schools
Wilson Middle School
Winchester Elementary 
Wixom Elementary School
Wolverine Community School District
Wolverine Secure Treatment Center
Wood Creek Elementary School
Woodbridge Elementary - Zeeland
Woodcreek Achievement Center
Woodhaven High School
Woodhaven-Brownstown School District
Woodland Elementary School
Woodland School
Woodside Elementary School
Woodside Elementary - Holland
Woodside Middle School
Woodward Academy
Woodworth Middle School
Workman Elementary School
Wright Academy of Arts and Science
Wright Jr. Sr. High School
W.T. Carter Elementary
Wyandotte Catholic Consolidated Schools
Wyandotte Public Schools
Wylie E. Groves High School
Wyoming Junior High
Wyoming Public Schools
Yake Elementary 
Yale Public Schools
Yeshiva Beth Yehudah
Young, Coleman A. Elementary 
Ypsilanti Public Schools District
Zeeland Christian School
Zeeland East High School 
Zeeland Public Schools
Zeeland Quest
Zeeland West High School
Zilwaukee School
Zinser Elementary
Zion Elementary - Auburn
Zion Elementary - Bay City
Zion Elementary - Harbor Beach
Zion Elementary - Hemlock
Zion Evangelical Lutheran School
Zion Friends of Jesus Preschool
Zion Lutheran Nursery School
Zion Lutheran Preschool
Zion Lutheran Church & School
Zion Lutheran School - Auburn
Zion Lutheran School - Bay City
Zion Lutheran School - Harbor Beach
Zion Lutheran School - Hemlock
Zion Preschool - Holland
Zion Preschool - Mt Pleasant
Zoo School
Zurstadt Elementary - Detroit


Albany Area Schools, District 745
Bethlehem Preschool - Frazee
Bethlehem Preschool - Mahnomen
Blue Sky Charter School     
Central Lutheran Elementary - Saint Paul
Children of Peace Preschool - Robbinsdale
Christ Preschool - Eagan
Community of Peace Academy
Community of Saints
Concordia Academy
Concordia-Immanuel Elementary - Red Wing
Cross View Preschool - Edina
DeLaSalle High School
East Central ISD #2580
East St Paul Lutheran Elementary
Emanuel Elementary - Hamburg
Emmanuel New Elementary - Elk River
Family of Christ Elementary - Baxter
Faribault Lutheran Elementary
Faribault Public Schools
First Elementary
First Preschool
Glenville-Emmons Public Schools  
Golden Valley Preschool
Good Shepherd Preschool - Owatonna
Grace Elementary - Dodge Center
Hand in Hand Preschool - Saint Paul
Heart N Hand-Messiah Preschool - Lakeville
Hennepin Elementary
Hibbing Public Schools  
Holy Cross Preschool - Prior Lake
Holy Trinity Preschool - Blackduck
Hope Elementary - Cloquet
Hutchinson Public Schools
Immanuel Elementary - Courtland
Immanuel Elementary - Gaylord
Immanuel Elementary - Lakefield
Immanuel Elementary - Lewiston
Immanuel Elementary - Plainview
Independent School District 482
Joy - Bethlehem Preschool - Saint Paul
Joyful Kids Preschool - Cambridge
King of Kings Elementary - Roseville
KIPP Minnesota      
Little Lambs Peace Preschool - Hutchinson
Little Lambs-Shepherd Fields Preschool - Hugo
Little Lambs-St John Preschool - Luverne
Loving Shepherd - Fairview Preschool - Minnetonka
Lutheran High School - Mayer
Lutheran High School of Greater Minneapolis
Marshall Public Schools
Martin Luther High School
Messiah Preschool - Mounds View
Mount Hope - Redemption Elementary - Bloomington
Mount Olive Elementary - Anoka
Mount Zion Preschool - Minneapolis
Noah's Ark Immanuel Preschool - Brownton
North Branch Schools  
Olive Branch Preschool - Coon Rapids
Open Arms - Holy Emmanuel Elementary - Bloomington
Our Redeemer Preschool - Cloquet
Our Redeemer Preschool - Moorhead
Our Savior Elementary - Crookston
Our Savior Elementary - Excelsior
Our Savior Elementary - Hutchinson
Our Savior Preschool - Brownsdale
Our Savior Preschool - Rosemount
Peace Preschool - Faribault
Pheasants Forever, Inc
Prince of Peace Elementary - Spring Lake Park
Redeemer Elementary - Wayzata
Redeemer Preschool - Robbinsdale
Redeemer Preschool - Winona
Rist Preschool - East Grand Forks
Rochester Central Elementary
Rochester Public Utilities
Rose of Sharon Preschool - Cottage Grove
Shepherds Care-Shepherd Grove Preschool - Maple Grove
Shepherds Flock Preschool - Hastings
St James Elementary - Howard Lake
St James Elementary - Northrop
St John Elementary - Atwater
St John Elementary - Elk River
St John Elementary - Maple Grove
St John Elementary - Saint James
St John Preschool - Wadena
St Johns Elementary - Chaska
St Johns Elementary - Good Thunder
St Johns Elementary - Hutchinson
St Johns Elementary - Vernon Center
St Johns Elementary - Wykoff
St Johns Elementary - Young America
St Johns Preschool - Park Rapids
St Johns Wee Preschool - Stewartville
St Mark-St John Elementary - New Germany
St Martins Elementary - Winona
St Michael Preschool - Bloomington
St Peter Elementary - Edina
St Peter Elementary - Gibbon
St Peter Preschool - Afton
Star of the North Academy
Step Academy
SW/WC Service Cooperative
T.C. Martin Elementary School
The Blake School  
Trinity Elementary - Fergus Falls
Trinity Elementary - Janesville
Trinity Elementary - Long Prairie
Trinity Elementary - Morristown
Trinity Elementary - Saint Francis
Trinity Elementary - Sauk Rapids
Trinity Elementary - Waconia
Trinity First Elementary - Minneapolis
Trinity Lone Oak Elementary - Eagan
Trinity Preschool - Faribault
Trinity Preschool - New York Mills
Trinity Preschool - Slayton
Trinity Tot Preschool - Twin Valley
William S. Diggs Elementary School
Willow Elementary School
Woodbury Lutheran Elementary
Zion Elementary - Alexandria
Zion Elementary - Cologne
Zion Elementary - Crown
Zion Elementary - Mayer
Zion Elementary - Saint Francis
Zion Preschool - Mora


Abiding Savior Preschool - St. Louis County
Butler R. School District
Butler Elementary School
Butler High School
Butler R-V School District
Chapel Cross Preschool - St Louis County
Christ Community Elementary - Kirkwood
Christ Memorial Elementary - Affton
Christ Preschool - Platte Woods
Christian Family - Zion Preschool - Pevely
City Garden Montessori School
Concordia Elementary - Frohna
Cross of Christ Preschool - Oakville
Faith Elementary - Kirksville
Faith Preschool - Oakville
Faith Preschool - Richmond
Faith Preschool - Springfield
Good Shepherd Preschool - Arnold
Good Shepherd Preschool - Wright City
Grace Chapel Elementary - Bellfn Neighbors
Grace Preschool - Lexington
Grace Preschool - Uniontown
Grow in Peace Elementary - Kansas City
Guiding Star-Bethlehem Preschool - Raymore
Holy Cross Elementary - Emma
Holy Cross Elementary - Kansas City
Holy Cross Elementary - Saint Louis
Holy Trinity Preschool - Grandview
Holy Trinity Preschool - Saint Clair
Hope Elementary - Saint Ann
Hope Elementary - Saint Louis
Imagine Academy of Envr Sci and Math  
Immanuel Christian Preschool - Crystal City
Immanuel Elementary - Higginsville
Immanuel Elementary - Jefferson City
Immanuel Elementary - Lockwood
Immanuel Elementary - Olivette
Immanuel Elementary - Perryville
Immanuel Elementary - Rosebud
Immanuel Elementary - St Charles
Immanuel Elementary - Washington
Immanuel Elementary - Wentzville
Immanuel Preschool - Boonville
Immanuel Preschool - Carrollton
Immanuel Preschool - Salisbury
Kansas City Lutheran High School
King of Kings Preschool - Chesterfield
King of Kings Preschool - Kansas City
Little Lambs-St John Preschool - Warrenton
Lord of Life Preschool - Chesterfield
Lutheran High School North MO
Lutheran High School South MO
Martin Luther Elementary - Joplin
Messiah Elementary - Independence
Messiah Elementary - Saint Louis
Messiah Preschool - St. Charles
Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
Mount Calvary Preschool - Brentwood
Northside Academy-St. Stephens Elementary - Saint Louis
Our Redeemer Elementary - Overland
Our Savior Elementary - Fenton
Our Savior Preschool - St. Charles
Peace Preschool - St. Louis County
Precious Lambs Preschool - Independence
Redeemer Preschool - Springfield
Resurrection Preschool - Sappington
River Roads-Edenezer Elementary - Saint Louis
Rolla Lutheran Elementary
Saint Paul's Residential Lutheran High School
Salem Elementary - Affton
Salem Elementary - Black Jack
Salem Elementary - Farrar
Springfield Lutheran Elementary
Sprit of Christ Preschool - Saint Peters
St Jacobi Elementary - Jennings
St John Elementary - Arnold
St John Elementary - Ellisville
St John Elementary - Hannibal
St John Elementary - Saint Louis
St John Lutheran Elementary - Laurel
St Joseph School District
St Lucas Elementary - Saint Louis
St Mark Elementary - Eureka
St Matthew Elementary - Saint Louis
St Matthew Preschool - Sullivan
St Paul Elementary - Concordia
St Paul Elementary - Des Peres
St Paul Elementary - Farmington
St Paul Elementary - Jackson
St Paul Elementary - Saint Joseph
St Paul Elementary - Sedalia
St Paul Elementary - Stover
St Paul Preschool - St. Joseph
St Paul Preschool - Union
St Paul Preschool - Des Peres
St Peter Preschool - La Grange
St Stephen Preschool - Liberty
St. Louis Public Schools, MO
Timothy Treasures Preschool - Blue Springs
Trinity Elementary - Alma
Trinity Elementary - Bridgeton
Trinity Elementary - Columbia
Trinity Elementary - Freistatt
Trinity Elementary - Jefferson City
Trinity Elementary - Saint Louis
Trinity Elementary - St Charles
Village Preschool - Ladue
Washington Elementary - St Louis County
White Park Elementary - Lemay
Word of Life Elementary - Saint Louis
Zion Elementary - Harvester
Zion Elementary - Lone Elm
Zion Elementary - Palmyra
Zion Elementary - Poplar Bluff
Zion Elementary - Prairie City
Zion Elementary - St. Charles
Zion Preschool - Moberly


Good Shepherd Elementary - Brandon
Good Shepherd Preschool - Biloxi


Faith Elementary - Condon
First Preschool
First Preschool
Good Shepherd-First Preschool - Helena
Grace Elementary - Three Forks
Grace Preschool - Hamilton
Holy Cross Preschool - Seeley Lake
Little Lambs-Mount Calvary Preschool - Colstrip
Little Lambs-St Paul Preschool - Ronan
Messiah Preschool - Missoula
Mount Calvary Preschool - Polson
Mount Olives Preschool - Billings
Our Savior Preschool - Stevensville
St. John Preschool - Libby
St. Paul Preschool - Park City
Trinity Elementary - Billings
Trinity Elementary - Kalispell
Trinity Preschool - Miles City
Wee Disciples-Trinity Preschool - Great Falls


Academy of Excellence - Statesville
Advent Montessori Preschool - Chapel Hill
Calvary Preschool - Jacksonville
Charlotte Lutheran Elementary
Concordia Elementary - Conover
Emanuel Elementary - Asheville
Entrepreneur High School
Faith Elementary - Raleigh
Fountain of Life Elementary - Kernersville
Grace by Sea Preschool - Nags Head
Grace Preschool - Greensboro
Great Beginnings - Resurrection Preschool - Franklin
Hope Preschool - Wake Forest
Messiah Preschool - Charlotte
Mount Olive Elementary - Newton
Our Savior Preschool - Raleigh
Resurrection Elementary - Charlotte
Scotland County Schools  
St. John Elementary - Winston-Salem
St. Peter Preschool - Conover
St. Stephen Elementary - Hickory


Grace Elementary - Fargo
Lynch - Immanuel Elementary - Glenburn
Martin Luther Elementary - Bismarck
Redeemer Preschool - Dickinson
Shepherd of the Valley Preschool - Bismarck
Zion Preschool - Bismarck


Abundant Life Elementary - Omaha
Bethany Preschool - Omaha
Beautiful Savior Preschool - North Platte
Beautiful Savior Preschool - Omaha
Christ Elementary - Columbus
Christ Elementary - Juniata
Christ Elementary - Norfolk
Christ Preschool - Lincoln
Creative-Peace Preschool - McCook
Cross Elementary - Omaha
Cross Lutheran High School
Deshler-St Peter Elementary
Emmanuel Elementary - York
Faith Elementary - Lincoln
First Preschool
First Trinity Preschool
Good Shepherd Preschool - Milford
Grace Preschool - Franklin
Grace Preschool - Grand Island
Hampton-St Peter Elementary
Helping Hands Preschool - Lincoln
Holy Cross Preschool - Kearney
Immanuel Elementary - Columbus
Immanuel Elementary - Hooper
Immanuel Elementary - Osmond
Immanuel Elementary - Polk
Immanuel Preschool - Lincoln
Joy - Trinity Preschool - Blair
King of Kings Preschool - Omaha
Kings Kids-Our Savior Preschool - Norfolk
Lamb of God - Pacific Hills Preschool - Omaha
Lambs of Christ - Bethlehem Preschool - Crete
Lincoln Lutheran Jr./Sr. High School
Little Lamb-Divine Shepherd Preschool - Omaha
Little Lambs Preschool - Tilden
Little Lambs - Grace Preschool - Gordon
Little Lambs - Trinity Preschool - Lexington
Lutheran High School Northeast
Messiah Elementary - Lincoln
Mount Olive Preschool - Omaha
Mt. Calvary Elementary - Omaha
Noah's Ark - St John Preschool - Burwell
Our Redeemer Elementary - North Platte
Our Redeemer Elementary - Staplehurst
Our Savior Preschool - Chadron
Peace Preschool - Grand Island
Pilgrim Preschool - Bellevue
St John Elementary - Battle Creek
St John Elementary - Columbus
St John Elementary - Madison
St John Elementary - Seward
St John Elementary - Waco
St John Preschool - Tecumseh
St John Preschool - Wilcox
St John Wee Wisdom Preschool - Scottsbluff
St Johns Elementary - Ord
St Mark Preschool - Omaha
St Paul Elementary - Arlington
St Paul Elementary - Beatrice
St Paul Elementary - Ogallala
St Paul Elementary - Omaha
St Paul Elementary - Utica
St Paul Elementary - West Point
St Paul Preschool - Doniphan
St Paul Preschool - Falls City
St Paul Preschool - Shelton
St Peter Elementary - Davenport
Trinity Elementary - Fremont
Trinity Elementary - Grand Island
Trinity Elementary - Lincoln
Trinity Elementary - Madison
Trinity Preschool - Auburn
Zion Community Preschool - Leigh
Zion Elementary - Bancroft
Zion Elementary - Hastings
Zion Elementary - Kearney
Zion Elementary - Omaha
Zion Elementary - Pierce
Zion Elementary - Plainview
Zion Elementary - Saint Libory
Zion-St John Elementary - Wisner


Immanuel Preschool - Manchester
Manchester School District
Noah's Ark-Our Redeemer Elementary - New Ipswich
Proctor Academy
Tender Shepherd-Christ Elementary - Troy


Archdiocese of Newark
Bridgewater - Ratitan Regional School Dist
Brookdale Avenue School
Christ the King Preschool - Ringwood
Crossroads Country-Christ Memorial Elementary - East Brunswick
Egg Harbor Township School District
Elizabeth Board of Education
F.N. Brown School
Forest Avenue School
Gethsemane Preschool - Hackettstown
Good Shepherd Elementary - Old Bridge
Grace Preschool - Union
H.B. Whitehorne Middle School
Holy Cross Elementary - Bordentown
Holy Cross Preschool - Mahwah
Henry Hudson Regional School District
Innovative Educational Programs LLC
King of Kings Preschool - Mountain Lakes
Lansing Avenue School
Martin Luther Christian School - Pennsauken
Messiah Day Care - Plainfield
Noahs Ark-Zion Preschool - Maywood
Ocean City Public Schools
Our Redeemer Elementary - Fords
Our Savior Preschool - Fair Lawn
Our Savior Preschool - Stanhope
Paradise-Holy Faith Preschool - Oak Ridge
Point Pleasant Beach School District
Prince of Peace Elementary - Hamburg
Purnell School
Redeemer Elementary - Westfield
Redeemer Preschool - Newton
Regis Academy
San Pablo Elementary - West New York
St Paul Elementary - Flemington
St Peter College
The Lawrenceville School
The Purnell School  
Trinity Preschool - Garfield
United Transportation Union Local 60
Verona High School
Verona Public Schools
Warren Hills Regional School District
Westbridge Academy
Westwood Regional School District
Zion Elementary - Westwood
Zion Preschool - Clark


Albuquerque Academy
Cedar Crest Lutheran Elementary
Christ Elementary - Albuquerque
Christ the King Elementary - Los Lunas
Cimarron Elementary-Middle School
Cimarron High School
Cimarron Municipal Schools (rejoin)
Eagle Nest Elementary-Middle School
Gentle Shepherd-Immanuel Elementary - Santa Fe  
Immanuel Elementary - Albuquerque
Immanuel Preschool - Clovis
Mission Preschool - Las Cruces
Our Savior Elementary - Albuquerque


Bethlehem Elementary - Carson City
Bishop Gorman High School
Faith Jr/Sr High School
First Good Shepherd Elementary
Quest Academy
St Mark Preschool - Elko
Trinity Elementary - Gardenerville
Zion Preschool -Winnemucca


Al Madinah School - Brooklyn
Al Ishan Academy
Bayside Elementary - Batavia
Broome-Tioga Board of Cooperative Educational Services
Calvary Preschool - East Meadow
Calvary Preschool - Seneca Falls
Chapel of the Redeemer Elementary - Flushing
Chenango Forks Schools
Drexel Avenue School
Dryden Street School
East Harlem School at Exodus House
Emanuel Elementary - Patchogue
Erie 1 BOCES Education Campus
Faith Elementary - Elma
Faith Preschool - Penfield
First Trinity Preschool - Tonawanda
Flushing & Bayside Elementary
Good Shepherd Preschool - Warwick
Grace Elementary - Bronx
Grace Elementary - Queens Village
Grace Preschool - Vestal
Grand Island Central Schools
Great Beginnings-Redeemer Preschool - North Tonawanda
Great Oaks Elementary School
Hampton Street School
Harlem Link Charter School
Hastings on the Hudson Preschool
Holy Ghost Elementary - Bergholz
Hope Preschool - Arcada
Hope Preschool - Rochester
Horace Mann School
Icahn Charter School
Immanuel Elementary - Gowanda
Immanuel Elementary - Mount Vernon
Immanuel Elementary - Whitestone
Immanuel Preschool - Olean
Immanuel Preschool - Ridgewood
Jackson Avenue School
Joyful-Resurrection Preschool - Cairo
Little Lambs of Our Savior Preschool - Fishkill
Little Lambs Preschool - Ridgewood
Little Lambs-Good Shepherd Preschool - Canandaigua
Little Lambs-Grace Preschool - Central Islip
Long Island Lutheran Middle & High School
Martin Luther Elementary - Buffalo
Martin Luther High School NY
Meadow Drive School
Mikdash Melech
Mill Neck Manor Deaf School
Mineola Drive School
Mineola High School
Mineola Middle School
Mineola UFSD
Mount Olive Preschool - Lockport
Nazareth Elementary - Buffalo
New York City Board of Education, District 10
Of the Risen Christ Elementary - Brooklyn
Our Redeemer Elementary - Riverhead
Our Savior Elementary - Colonie
Our Savior Lutheran High School
Our Savior Preschool - Centereach
Our Saviour Elementary - Bronx
Our Saviour Elementary - Rego Park
Park Avenue School
Powells Lane School
Pinnacle Elementary - Henrietta
Queens Lutheran Elementary      
Redeemer Elementary - Glendale
Redeemer Preschool - Old Westbury
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Resurrection Preschool - Garden City
Risen Christ Preschool - Rochester
Saint Anselm School
Saint James Lutheran Preschool
St John Elementary - Brooklyn
St John Elementary - College Point
St John Elementary - Depew
St John Elementary - Farmington
St John Elementary - Glendale
St John Elementary - Hamlin
St John Elementary - North Tonawanda
St John Elementary - Staten Island
St John Preschool - Holbrook
St John Preschool - Orchard Park
St John Preschool - Rome
St John Preschool - Sayville
St. Joseph's School for the Deaf
St Luke Elementary - Cheektowaga
St Luke Preschool - Dix Hills
St Luke Preschool - Putnam Valley
St Mark Elementary - Brooklyn
St Mark Elementary - North Tonawanda
St Mark Elementary - Yonkers
St Mark Preschool - West Henrietta
St Matthew Elementary - Albany
St Matthew Elementary - Manhattan
St Matthew Elementary - North Tonawanda
St Michael Preschool - Wolcottsville
St Paul Elementary - Hilton
St Paul Elementary - Monroe
St Paul Elementary - North Tonawanda
St Paul Preschool - Albany
St Paul Preschool - Chocton
St Paul Preschool - Cortland
St Paul Preschool - Saratoga Springs
St Peter Elementary - Brooklyn
St Peter Elementary - Lockport
St. Raymond Academy
The Chapel Elementary - Bronxville
The Dalton School
Trinity Elementary - Bronx
Trinity Elementary - Hicksville
Trinity Elementary - West Seneca
Trinity Preschool - Islip
Trinity Preschool - Ithaca
Trinity Preschool - New Hyde Park
Trinity Preschool - Spencerport
Trinity Preschool - Utica
Trinity Preschool - Walden
Trinity Preschool - Wellsville
Ulster BOCES
Westbury Middle School
Westbury Senior High School
Westbury Union Free School District
Yeshiva Tiferes Boruch
Zion Elementary - Owego
Zion Preschool - Schenectady