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REACH OUT, an app-based, campus-specific resource guide for student survivors of sexual misconduct, is now available from Capptivation. Accessible on your smartphone, Reach Out provides a comprehensive reference tool designed to inform students at your college or university to on- and off-campus support services available to them. Download for free in the iOS App Store.

To celebrate their new membership, the team at Capptivation is offering the power of group purchasing to the institutions of KICA. Adoption is simple and customized, and these savings opportunities are available throughout the 2016-2017 school year. Learn more about Reach Out's platform and services here.


Brainstorm Together


At KICA, we are always looking to serve our member institutions with the best possible partners, information, and programs. One program we are contemplating would pursue avenues to connect your campus with our Business Affiliates in order to support and supplement your existing career services programs. We would love your thoughts, concerns, and ideas regarding your existing need and potential outcomes for this endeavor. Please reach out to Jesyca Hope, Director of Member Programs, at to contribute.


Business Affiliate Cost Saving Opportunities

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Through our partnership with the MiCTA Group Purchasing Organization

Your campus is able to access Sprint technology with discounts and revenue benefits:

Student Liable Discounts
• Students receive a 10% discount on select regularly-priced monthly service with a new 2-Year Agreement and waived activation fees ($36 value)
• Students are direct billed by Sprint
• First year’s fee waived

This program generates % fee back based on number of students participating in the program—3% up to 500 student lines and 4% above 500 student lines. While you explore student options be sure to ask about Faculty/Staff Discounts as well. For more information click here.

Through our partnership with Club Colors

Your campus is now able to access their exclusive Department Direct program. DD will allow you to combine your purchasing power will all 19 KICA institutions. Not only will Club Colors offer you expanded promotional and branded options, but this program with generate a 10% purchase rebate quarterly. Learn more here and then contact Jessica Gibbons-Rauch.

Capital Planning Strategies for Your Campus


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In the 21st century school – data is used to make informed decisions on nearly all matters: curriculum, staffing levels, and student services. But what data is used for facility management and capital planning?

Where to Start?
Many believe replacing equipment to install newer technology is the first and best option. The alternative: taking the time to analyze equipment is time intensive, and requires a unique set of skills. However, it is possible to take an approach where you first analyze equipment and prioritize what is critical to repair and then evaluate what needs to be replaced. It begins with the proper questions:

• What are the current campus facility conditions?
• What are the operational and energy costs?
• Are the campus buildings still being used for what they were originally intended?
• Where are campus facilities out of compliance?

With these questions answered, not only can you prioritize the issues, but also create a plan of how they will be funded. A plan for facility improvements that your Board of Trustees will understand and respect. Contact Performance Solutions today to get started.


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If you’re challenged to manage a diverse inventory of campus buildings because of budget constraints, consider learning how you can proactively take control of your facilities and pay for their improvements with the energy savings from a High Performance Building Solution.

We know from experience that buildings are complex systems, which means changing one building component affects the others. For instance, upgrading the HVAC system alone without considering the performance of the windows, façade and roofs will inevitably fail to meet your energy, building life-cycle or health, comfort and safety goals.

By starting with an energy consumption and financial analysis, we’ll show you how an integrated approach to managing your building systems not only reduces energy consumption and saves money, but improves indoor air quality and improves the classroom environment. All with a price tag that pays for itself. To learn more click here.


What is the KICA 403(b) Multiple Employer Plan?

Well, it actually does not exist yet, and honestly may not ever exist. However, the 403(b) Multiple Employer (MEP) concept is something that other states college associations are pursuing, and is something that your HR and finance decision makers may begin to consider soon.

401(k) MEPs have been around a long time, but now 403(b) MEPs for colleges and universities can begin getting the same type of support and services once only available to 401(k)s with improved services and significant cost savings:

• Significantly decreased HR administration burdens and costs by reducing workload by 50 hours or more: HR administration costs associated with transactions, required notices, review and approvals, calculations, etc.
• One consolidated plan audit: Save up to $15,000 or more in audit time and expense at this annual requirement.
• One consolidated plan document: Save up to $5,000 or more every cycle plan documents need to be amended or updated.
• Once consolidated Form 5500: Save up to $5,000 or more in time and expense for this annual requirement.

Are you interested in learning more? Read This.