MiCTA Announces New Board Member


Saginaw, MI (August 5, 2016) MiCTA announces the addition of Dawn Kaiser to the MiCTA Board of Directors

Dawn M. Kaiser, Ph.D. has been a member of the MiCTA Board since August 2010. She is currently the Vice-President on the Iosco RESA Board, is a MASB Peer Mentor, and is also a member of the MASB Government Relations and Education Committees.

Dr. Kaiser has proven herself to be an innovative administrator who came up through the faculty ranks with over twenty-five years of experience and leadership in undergraduate, graduate, liberal arts, online, and technical education covering traditional, non-profit, and for-profit higher education sectors.  Her broad array of experiences has allowed her to develop many core competencies in the areas of strategic planning, new program development, enrollment expansion, online and adaptive learning, accreditation, governance structures, project management, budgeting, fundraising, student affairs, and faculty development.

MiCTA’s Chief Operating Officer Tim von Hoff said, “We are very pleased that the MiCTA membership has elected Dawn Kaiser as Treasurer of MiCTA. Dr. Kaiser's breadth and depth of professional experience brings competence and a fresh approach to our financial management team. I look forward to working with Dawn in the years ahead.”

About MiCTA

MiCTA represents thousands of higher education, K-12, healthcare library, governmental and charitable entities. Nationally, MiCTA seeks to resolve common voice, video and data issues, provide helpful information, participate in legislative and regulatory telecom advocacy, and negotiate discounted purchase contracts for telecommunications and technology services for its members. To learn more visit: www.mictatech.org