On this page of the MiCTA Web Site both Schools and Libraries (E-Rate) and Health Care Connect Fund (HCF) eligible members will be provided current information on the two MiCTA National programs via links listed below.  MiCTA has supported its Universal Service Fund (USF) E-Rate members nationally for many years by providing competitive “best practices” conducted RFP Telecommunications programs, on-going information, and training related to the USF E-Rate funding process which it expanded to its Healthcare members through its MiCTA National Healthcare Connect Fund Program beginning in 2014.

E-Rate Update

On July 11 and December 19, 2014, the FCC passed two Orders that created sweeping changes to the E-Rate Program. One Order added 1 billion dollars, budgeted per student, for the next 5 years (and possibly longer) to on premise network distribution equipment with a focus on “Fixed Wireless” (Wi-Fi) internet access.  In July of 2015, USAC deployed the E-Rate Productivity Center (EPC), an online Portal, directing that it would now be the tool for processing all E-Rate filings, processes and procedures.  In July, 2019 the FCC released NPRM 19-58 in which the FCC proposed to make certain Category Two services permanent. With the adoption of the 2020 Eligible Services List on December 9, 2019, the Commission listed “managed broadband services, caching, and basic maintenance of internal connections as permanent and available to all eligible applicants.  In the USAC SLD News Letter dated November     





Healthcare Connect Fund

After many filings with the FCC from 2000 to 2010 recommending a more comprehensive program, MiCTA was pleased with the Commission’s passage of Order 12-150 on December 12, 2012, creating the Healthcare Connect Fund under the existing RHC Telecommunications Program.  This new “Broadband” driven program seeks to enhance the capability of Rural HCPs to deliver a higher level of quality health care through the funding of “Advanced Broadband” services and stimulation of “HCP Consortiums” allowing “Non-Rural” Hospitals to participate for the first-time adding expertise to the diagnostic, treatment and administrative process of rural HCP’s.

 MiCTA’s Goal

In working closely with FCC and USAC officials, MiCTA is attempting to both create uniformity wherever possible in process and procedural rules between the USF E-Rate and HCF Programs, as well as technically advance their “Eligible Services.”



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