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“Working with MiCTA has been a blessing for my company. Being a MiCTA member saved us from having to file an RFP with USAC before requesting equipment funding, which made the overall process less complicated and took much of the paperwork burden off my plate. Not only that, but any time USAC had questions regarding the funding request that we submitted using the MiCTA MSA, Gary Green from MiCTA was available and willing to help with answering their questions. I highly recommend becoming a MiCTA member!”

Alisha Schainost, Community Health Center of SEK, Accountant II


“We have been a member of MiCTA for over 3 years.  I have learned a lot about the way the system works, built a great business relationship with them and learned that we do not need a consultant.  No consultant means more money for the agency.   I can email or call MiCTA for assistance and receive quick responses.  I also receive calls and emails to ensure that I am aware of new information and/or deadlines. This will be my first year filing without a consultant, but I feel confident that I will succeed because I have MiCTA in my corner.”

Theoria Nixon , District 19 CSB


"I can't say enough good about MiCTA. I can't say enough good about USAC and the Healthcare Connect Fund. Because it works in the Brazos Valley."

Michael Parks, Executive Director, Brazos Valley Council of Governments



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