MiCTA DSSA 2015 RFP Questions and Concerns

This is a continually updated list of questions and concerns about the DSSA 2015 RPF process and responses. If your question is not posted on this list, please send your question(s) to rfp@mictatech.org.

Q: When listing all equipment and components used for a DAS, this could be tens of thousands of pieces and parts. Can you please clarify how you would like this presented?

A: A system level list is what we are seeking, not all of the individual parts.

Q: Are you only asking for Femtocells in the “Small Cell” section, or would you like pricing to install other “Small Cells” (some of which the carriers currently control the distribution, but allow companies like ourselves to install) ?

A: We are interested in receiving proposals for any small cell solutions

Q: Are you looking for just UPS solutions or are you asking us to provide large scale generator back up power?

A: We will accept UPS and generator back-up.

Q: How do you want us to price services; as a T&M rate per labor category or on a task by task basis (i.e. install, terminate and test the first foot of cable; the next 5 feet of cable; install, configure, test, provision, commission and report for a Network Controller; etc…)?

A: T&M rate per category is a good way to present pricing.

Q: Section 7, - Is this question directed at how we would facilitate WSP onboarding to DAS?

A: Yes

Q: Section 7, - Would you prove some examples of 802.16 services that would be applicable?

A: Feasibility studies, equipment sales and deployment.

Q: Section 7, - Please expand on second portion of request. What rights might we need to acquire to use required infrastructure? What would be considered infrastructure in the context of the RFP?

A: Permission from the carrier(s).

Q: Section 7, - Please clarify the meaning of "operating the DAS".

A: Are managed services proposed, or available. 

Q: Section 7, - Would this entail the spectrum that is allocated to the Tier 1 carriers or all RF spectrum.

A: All spectrum, as it could impact other existing service(s).

Q: Section 7, - Please simplify this request and what information is specifically requested.

A: Provide a model, or scenario that illustrates how each item is addressed.

Q: By "network interfaces" does MiCTA desire that we identify DAS interfaces to WSP equipment?

A: Yes

Q: We are not quite sure how to respond to the section 1.11 Case Studies. The questions appear to be directed towards OSP projects. 

A: Sorry for the confusion. You will only need to answer the last sentence. It reads, "Describe relevant DSSA (DAS) projects your company has completed in the last five years".