FCC Second Report and Order and Order on Reconsideration Major Highlights
1.      Adjusts E-Rate Funding Cap to $3.9 Billion Annually
a.      Creating more certainty that funding will be available to meet the high-speed connectivity targets the Commission has set
2.     Payment Options for Large Non-Recurring Capital Costs for Hi-Speed Broadband
a.      Suspends policy requiring amortization over multiple years of upfront charges for special construction exceeding $500,000 for next four funding years
b.      Allows applicants to pay the non-discounted share of Category One special constructions charges over four years
3.      Self-Construction of High-Speed Facilities
a.      Commission changes ESL in 2016 to allow applicants to construct their own or portions or their own fiber networks in cases where no other option exists
4.      Equalizing Lit – Dark Fiber
a.      The Commission adopts Equalizing the funding for Lit and Dark Fiber to enhance the potential of providing broadband connectivity in particular to rural schools and libraries
5.      Expands Budget Approach for Funding of Wi-Fi to Five Years
a.      Extends funding for category two budgets additional 3 years through funding year 2019
6.      Creates Separate Budget for City/Urbanized Libraries
a.      Commission adopts $5.00 per square foot pre-discount Wi-Fi budget for libraries located in cities and urbanized areas with a population of 250,000 or more using IMLS locale codes of 11,12 and 21
7.     Program Performance Information
a.      FCC directs USAC to track and provide program performance information on the specific policy changes made in this Order
8.     Clarifies Rules Regarding Appeals of USAC Decisions
a.      Commission clarifies that affected parties have 60 days from the issuance of the decision to file an appeal, either with USAC in the case of requests for review, or the Commission or Bureau in the case of requests for a waiver of Commission rules