Calumet Recieves Kindle's





Bill Lund (middle), addresses students about their new devices and what how it will effect their learning

The 1st grade studnet are all ears about the new devices in the classroom

Bill Lund fielding questions from the 1st grade class. They are all eager to use the new devices

Dayln Drown (left), Prinicpal of Burr Oak Academy, adresses students about the E-Textbook inititivate

Bill Lund and Frank Dillinger (right), 1st Grade Teacher at Calumet Schools

Bill Lund and Staff present the new Kindle's and Tablet cart to the 1st grade class.

Dr. Lawrence Cox (left), Admin of Logistics and Technology, and Bill Lund discuss implementation

Dayln Drown and Dr. Cox discussing the potentional impact of the devices for the students at their school