Dear Vendors,
Thank you for your interest in MiCTA’s 470 P1 and P2 E-Rate Process.
The MiCTA TISA 2013 RFP referred to in the two 470s is now available. To view, please use this linkMiCTA TISA 2013 RFP   If you intend to respond to any or all sections of the RFP please fill out the respective P1or P2 470 Intent to Respond (ITR) form(s) and return to the MiCTA office via the information found at the bottom of the form.
MiCTA is running this National E-Rate 470 process in conjunction with its internal National RFP process.  If you are also interested in responding to the overall MiCTA TISA 2013 RFP as well, please submit the general Intent To Respond (ITR) form found on page 157of the MiCTA RFP
MiCTA encourages vendors to request the RFP document in word format and use it for their proposal. Please email your request to
Vendors who intend to respond to Section 5 of the RFP will also need to send a formal request to receive the Schedules for Section 5 of the RFP. Requests for these Schedules are also to be sent to
If you have any questions or concerns about the 2013 TISA RFP, please visit our FAQ page