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Andy Byrne

Senior Vice President- Nitro Private LTE

M: +1 (303) 5274055


Joe Nguyen

Sr. Sales Executives- Enterprise

M:+1 (630) 4172465


Quinn Sheridan

Sr. Sales Executives- Southeast

M:+1 (312) 2370031


Prash Ramani

Sr. Sales Executives- Central/Northeast

M:+1 (312) 489-1642


Patrick Semcheshen

Sr. Sales Executives- West

M: +1 (818) 4458929




Current RFP Awards: Approved - National

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CBRS Products and Services:

  • Nitro (CBRS) Private LTE Networks and Devices

For a complete list of products and services awarded under contract please see the Master Service Agreement.





Did you know that your city is running on data? It’s true! Cities of all sizes and locations require lightning-fast, enterprise grade data that flows securely throughout the entire area. But unless you’ve invested in the right private broadband solution, it can be difficult for everyone to be connected.


The answer is simple. With our private broadband solution, Nitro™ you can power-up your connected city while managing your own spectrum, mitigating costs, and keeping all your data local. With Nitro you’ll be connected like never before with:

  • City-Wide Private Networks
  • Improved Data Streaming
  • Robust Sensor and IOT Data Support
  • Reliable Connection for Video Security
  • And So Much More!

Smart City Private LTE Whitepaper