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Andy Byrne

Senior Vice President- Nitro Private LTE

M: +1 (303) 5274055


Joe Nguyen

Sr. Sales Executives- Enterprise

M:+1 (630) 4172465


Quinn Sheridan

Sr. Sales Executives- Southeast

M:+1 (312) 2370031


Prash Ramani

Sr. Sales Executives- Central/Northeast

M:+1 (312) 489-1642


Patrick Semcheshen

Sr. Sales Executives- West

M: +1 (818) 4458929




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The demand for data for healthcare providers is limitless- telemedicine, critical communications, and patient records sharing and management to name a few.  While many have turned to Wi-Fi as a valuable tool to support these data needs, the increasing number of devices, applications and users utilizing data networks are highlighting the disadvantages of Wi-Fi for healthcare installations.


For a modern healthcare facility, Wi-Fi often falls short in providing the coverage and capacity that is needed. As a result, providers are looking for a reliable solution for all their data, voice and video needs.


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