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Contract Details:

  • Master Service Agreement
  • Pricing
  • Participation Agreement


Jason Allen
Vice President of Customer Programs
(571) 425-7588






Current RFP Awards: Approved - National

Products Under Contract

CBRS Products and Services:

  • Network Planning 
    • RF Planning
    • FWA Site Verification
    • Project Management 
    • Network Design
  • Installation and integration
    • Equipment Installation and Integration
    • Radio Network C&I 
    • IP Network C&I
    • Network Management System
  • Network Testing
    • System Verification
    • Performance testing and RF Optimization
  • Network Operations
    • Network Operating Center Integration
    • Network Operations Management
    • Network Operations Center Cloud, incl. SW and licenses
  • Network Support
    • Network Maintenance and SW upgrades
    • Equipment Spares Management

For a complete list of products and services awarded under contract please see the Master Service Agreement.

About Innovate5G:

Innovate5G creates application-centric private networks with a focus on the business outcome and helps clients optimize products for 5th generation wireless environments. Founded in 2019, Innovate5G’s mission is to open up the 5G ecosystem beyond traditional players and eliminate barriers for developers to test their ideas and products. Innovate5G operates a cloud-based platform that tests, certifies, and integrates 5G and 4G applications and also designs and builds bespoke private CBRS, LTE, and 5G networks for enterprises.