MiCTA Has Issued An RFP For CBRS (Citizens Band Radio Service) Products and Services


CBRS Products and Services sought for national membership


Saginaw, MI (November 24) – MiCTA, a national non-profit technology consortium has issued a Request For Proposals from qualified vendors of CBRS Products and Services under the terms of a Master Service Agreement on November 24th. Vendors that wish to receive a copy of the RFP should contact MiCTA.

The Intent To Respond deadline has been extended to December 21st, 2020.

The deadline to submit questions about the RFP has been extended to February 22, 2021.

The deadline to respond to the RFP was March 8th, 2021. MiCTA is no longer accepting proposals for this RFP.

For more information about the current RFP, or to request a copy, interested potential vendors should click here to fill out a New Vendor Interest Form or email rfp@mictatech.org. Information about the RFP can also be found under the “News and Announcements” tab.


To view the RFP, click here.


RFP Questions and Answers

Q: Is there a specific Scope of Work (SoW) for this RFP?  A: MiCTA is releasing the RFP which should result in master contracts that any of our 9,000 members plus nationwide could use. Because of the potential for many different projects, the Scope of Work could range from small and simple to large and complex, depending on the members’ specific needs.


Q: How is extended pricing addressed?  A: What we are seeking in terms of extended pricing are ceiling prices. The RFP states that individual case basis pricing is allowable, but we need some sort of ceiling pricing for evaluation purposes, and you may refer to ICB pricing as being likely in your response.


Q: Can you clarify how many awards will be given for this contract?  A: The number of awards is based solely on points awarded by evaluators for each response to questions. There is no way of knowing the number of awards until all evaluations are complete and submitted for board approval.


Q: How will cost be evaluated?  Will total cost of all CBRS products and services be added for comparison to other proposals?  Will similar line items be compared to other proposals?  For example, will RF Design costs be compared to other proposal RF Design costs?  Will RAN hardware and software be compared to other proposals? If is not a standard product in any region until after Bid due date, can a Vendor propose examples to describe the multiple solution(s), and pricing will be ICB due to the uniqueness of each potential customer?  A: Cost is evaluated based on what is a highly competitive price, based on list price and percentage discount for MiCTA members. Proposals are evaluated by a team of independent evaluators based on overall merit of a proposal and points scored. No comparisons are made with competing proposals. The RFP states that ICB pricing is allowed and examples of multiple solutions are accepted, as we accept them to evaluate various integration services, but limitations should be clearly identified. 


Q: Due to COVID limitations, is there an electronic option for submittal?  A: The RFP states that one USB drive and one hard copy are required. We understand that COVID-19 is responsible for many restrictions related to business. However, as postage can be purchased online, and the USB drive has to be mailed anyway, we do not see how there would be any difficulty in also mailing one hard copy document. Additionally, we understand that there have been delays in transit and delivery of parcels due, in part, to COVID-19. As a result, if the flash drive and hard copy are delayed it will be understandable, so long as your electronic version submitted by email is received by the deadline. It is MiCTA policy to have multiple formats. In the event that one or more are damaged, or delayed, or inaccessible due to internet outage, the evaluation process will not be delayed.


Q. How many annual CBRS projects does MiCTA estimate for its members?  A: Any MiCTA member is eligible to use a MiCTA Master Service Agreement for their projects. There is no way to predict how many members will take advantage of the CBRS RFP at this time.
Q. Can MiCTA provide a regional breakdown for members impacted by this RFP?  A: Any MiCTA member may use a MiCTA Master Service Agreement in any region of the United States. MiCTA currently has approximately 9,000 member organizations nationwide.


If you have further questions, please send them to rfp@mictatech.org.

The deadline to submit questions about the RFP has been extended to February 22, 2021.