MiCTA Radio


  MiCTA and Community Colleges Part 3  

  MiCTA and Community Colleges Part 2  

  MiCTA and Community Colleges Part 1  


 Innovate5G and 5G Technology- Part1 Promo

Lumen Technologies Service Access Controls


Brazos Valley COG Fiber Project Part 1


Brazos Valley COG Fiber Project Update


Healthcare and Private Networks with Chris Stark from Innovate5G and T.J. Forner from CommScope


Matt Roberts with Juniper Networks - Healthcare



Innovate5G - Part Two


Innovate5G - Part One



Lumen Smart Solutions/Access Control


Lumen Thermal Imaging Part One



Lumen Thermal Imaging Part Two



FCC COVID-19 Telehealth Program Overview










Todd Davis the Director of Government Marketing for CenturyLink explains to us some of MiCTA's best qualities and the parameters of the Iowa Communications Network (ICN) agreement with CenturyLink.


MiCTA's Grant Program and the RFP Process

An overview about MiCTA, the Grant Program and the RFP process with Gary Green, MiCTA's E-Rate Consultant and COO Tim Vonhoff.



A look into the world of cyber-crime and the severe damage caused by cyber-criminals, with guests Andrea Hoy and Edward Slaton of Strategic Management Associates. We discuss how and what you should do if you fall victim to these attacks as well as how to prevent them.


Fiber Build Out

A discussion with Dr. Walt Magnussen, Director of Telecom at Texas A&M University, and Gary Green, MiCTA's Healthcare Connect Fund and E-Rate Consultant, about the process of Fiber Build Outs, the Rural Health Care Program and how the HCF funds are being used to build out rural America. We also discuss MiCTA's national RFP for Fiber Build Out, which is the first of its kind.