About Us

MiCTA, formerly the Michigan Collegiate Telecommunications Association, was created in 1982 as a professional organization of telecommunications directors at Michigan's public universities. Originally, MiCTA served as a forum to share information among the universities, and has expanded to provide needed services.

MiCTA serves its national membership by:

  • Coordinating group purchasing programs and aggregating member demand to facilitate members' purchases of competitively bid products and services.
  • Monitoring telecommunications and technology legislation and regulatory processes that impact its members.
  • Informing its membership of technology changes and legislations that may affect them.
  • Conducting research to benefit its members.
  • Providing highly valuable, cost-effective professional development opportunities.
  • Supporting technological advancements through grants.
  • Working with vendors to ensure our members technology needs are met.
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  • 2014 MiCTA Year in Review

Our membership is limited to public sector and non-profit entities, such as:

  • Higher Education
  • K - 12
  • Health Care
  • Libraries
  • State, county and municipal governments
  • Non-profit, religious and charitable organizations
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MiCTA was originally formed as the Michigan Collegiate Telecommunications Association in 1982. By 1989, MiCTA had issued its first RFP and successfully negotiated significant discounts for its members on valuable telecommunications services. MiCTA's membership and its purchasing programs have expanded. Currently, MiCTA is headquartered in Saginaw, MI and serves thousands of members nationwide. MiCTA focuses on providing quality products and services to its members at outstanding discounts. MiCTA's growth enables its members to access better volume pricing, additional purchasing programs and a growing number of highly desirable vendors.

If you are a non-profit group or consortia and would like to learn more about the most favored pricing MiCTA members enjoy, please call our corporate office at (888) 964-2227.

MiCTA Bylaws