National E-Rate


Dear MiCTA K-12, Library, related Consortium Members, MiCTA E-Rate eligible Company’s, and first time visitors. This part of the MiCTA Home Page has been created to help assist you in finding the most critical information regarding the process and procedure for the use of MiCTA’s 2 currently active 470’s and related Vendor GMSA’s (Government Master Services Agreements), plus links to other MiCTA National E-Rate Program information as well as a link to a page covering both MiCTA E-Rate/Healthcare Connect Fund Universal Service National Programs.

MiCTA National E-Rate 470 RFP evaluation committees, made up of MiCTA member volunteers from across the country, met to process all of the responses received as a result of MiCTA’s TISA (Telecom/Internet Services) 470 filed and certified on July 5 2018, Fiber Build –Out and Services 470 filed on July 5, 2019. These Government Master Service Agreements (MSAs), as recognized by the FCC and USAC, will be multi-year and can extend through 2023 (Telecom, Internet and Specialty Services) and 2024 (Fiber Build-Out Services) of their respective 471 funding cycles. 

Per the recent clarification from the FCC/USAC, “B.  You can also purchase from a national contract signed by a consortium pursuant to the consortium's FCC Form 470 if you are a member of the consortium. USAC may request a Letter of Agency or other documentation from you to demonstrate that you are a member.”

Therefore, given the fact all MiCTA E-rate Eligible Contracts were awarded though a 470 process and are National Contracts any E-Rate Eligible K-12 or Library in the US can join MiCTA and take advantage of any of the eligible contracts listed below for their 471 Funding Requests without having to first file a 470.

Telecommunications, Equipment, Internet, Specialty Services and Applications

 The SLD 471 filing window will open Wed, January 12 2022 and close March 22, 2022.



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