MiCTA Extends MSA With Phybridge, Adds PoLRE Switch, PhyLink Lines



MiCTA Extends MSA With Phybridge, Adds PoLRE Switch, PhyLink Lines

PoLRE switches deliver robust VoIP infrastructure

Saginaw, MI (November 11, 2014) – MiCTA, a nationwide non-profit group purchasing organization, is pleased to announce that it has extended its Master Service Agreement with Phybridge through August 2015. In addition, MiCTA has accepted an amendment to the Phybridge MSA that adds the company's Power over Long-Reach Ethernet (PoLRE) switches and PhyLink adapters to Phybridge's available product list.


"Through its unique product line, Phybridge offers MiCTA members the ability to leverage their existing voice network infrastructure to support cost-effective, technically robust Voice over IP solutions," says Tim von Hoff, Chief Operating Officer of MiCTA. Many of our members are looking for ways to expand and extend the capacities of their voice networks without impacting the performance of their data networks.


Phybridge's PoLRE switches are available under the MiCTA MSA in 8-, 24-, and 48-port configurations, and deliver Ethernet and Power over Ethernet (PoE) over four times the distance of traditional switches using a single cable pair. Phybridge's PoLRE switches deliver guaranteed voice Quality of Service, voice continuity without interference from the LAN's data traffic, voice communication security and physical separation from other LAN traffic. The PoLRE switches also eliminate the need to upgrade IP phones and power sources when upgrading LAN data speeds.


"Increasingly our members are moving toward unified voice and data infrastructure," says von Hoff. "We are pleased to offer innovative products like the Phybridge PoLRE switches that support our members' long-term telecommunications and telephony needs."


About MiCTA

MiCTA, located at 4805 Towne Centre, Suite 100 in Saginaw, MI, represents thousands of higher education, K-12, healthcare, library, governmental and charitable entities. For more information, please visit the MiCTA Web site, http://www.mictatech.org.


About Phybridge

Phybridge Inc. is the leader in Power over Long Reach Ethernet switching, and is recognized for networking innovations that eliminate infrastructure barriers to IP adoption. Phybridge has over 250,000 users globally leveraging the Phybridge switch innovations, and is proven to create a robust backbone that supports the migration to IP Telephony, IP Cameras or creating reliable connectivity for the internet of everything. Visit www.phybridge.com for more information.



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