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MiCTA Selects WebStudy as an Approved Learning Management System Vendor


SAGINAW, Mich., July 15 - MiCTA, a national non-profit technology consortium, has selected WebStudy as a Learning Management System vendor. "WebStudy offers an exceptional combination of service and value to our membership," says Tim von Hoff, Chief Operating Officer of MiCTA. "Many of our education members want to deliver online courses. MiCTA's partnership with WebStudy will allow them to do that quickly and easily."  view full story




The WebStudy Learning LMS supports instructors, students and administrators with an intuitive learning environment and unique feature set that optimizes teaching and learning.
WebStudy is committed to long-term partnerships that maximize student engagment and completion.  Because our LMS is fully hosted and we offer a 24/7 Helpdesk we can provide unparalleled training, service and support. Plus, WebStudy is the only LMS to Package an all-inclusive offer - all  features, training and maintenance are included in one fee. No costly upgrades or budgetary surprises.

 Created through a student-professor collaboration, the WebStudy Learning LMS solution supports both classroom and online learning to empower faculty, engage students, enrich learning and deliver a reliable distance learning program.



How Technology May Enable Student Engagement & Retention
Engaging a New Generation with Technology is Key to America's Future
"Despite community colleges' past record of success and productivity in reaching disadvantaged populations, they face challenges that are undermining their ability to retain students and transfer students to four-year institutions.  Among these challenges . . .  there is an urgent need to engage students in learning . . . The right kind of learning technology can connect all students with the institution and help them develop a sense of achievement and belonging within the student body."

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A free introduction to the key features and functionality of the LMS

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